Everyone has definitely tried to play YouTube videos in the background on your phone but has been left disappointed, until now.

YouTube has one of (if not) the biggest platform for music on the web, instead of paying for Spotify, many people just play YouTube music videos because it’s free! Youtube Red (paid version) does offer people the chance to minimise YouTube and continue listening, however, it is a paid service.

Currently, if you switch to another app or even go to your home screen on your phone, YouTube will stop playing all sound and pause the video. This has been the same for years, it does show no signs of changing, on the free version at least. There are ways to get around this though, you can go to another app or come off of YouTube without it switching off. If you follow the steps below, it will show you how to play YouTube videos in the background when changing app!

The methods below are different for each OS, make sure that you follow the guide for your phone type, one won’t work for the other!


Play YouTube videos in the background

iPhone has it easiest, this trick does not take long at all, in fact, you don’t even have to make an effort.

  1. Open YouTube in Safari
  2. Find a song/video you want to listen to
  3. Start playing the video
  4. Press the home button
  5. The music will have stopped playing (but don’t worry)
  6. Open the Control Centre (Swipe up from the bottom of the screen or down from the corner on iPhone X)
  7. Press the play button and the audio will continue to play

We must add that the only real issue with doing this method is that, you can’t skip a song/video without going back into Safari. You will have to repeat this method every time you want to manually change a song/video.


On Android, you will need to use either the Chrome browser or Firefox browser to do this. Once you have opened one of the browsers, follow the steps below.Play YouTube videos in the background Android

  1. Launch the web browser of the choices above
  2. Go to the YouTube website
  3. Find the music/video that you want to play in the background
  4. Go to the settings menu (The 3 dots symbol on the top right)
  5. In the settings menu, press ‘Request Desktop Site’
  6. Start playing the video
  7. Press the home button
  8. If the video stops on Chrome, pull down the notification bar and press play

This method can become a bit ‘finicky’, however, it is the easiest way to play YouTube videos in the background without having to pay.

That’s it! That is how you can listen and play YouTube in the background!

You can use YouTube to be your new music player when on the move (if you have data) and you’ll be able to finally use different apps while keeping your YouTube goodness on the go! Let us know if you found our tutorial helpful, share it for friends to read as well!

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