Is your phone your best friend?

Let’s face it you spend most of your time on your phone! When you’re down and troubled and you need a helping hand, and nothing, nothing is going right. OK, so that’s a famous song  (you got a friend) but could it be that your best friend is your phone?

If you answer YES to at least 5 from below, then your phone IS your BFF.

1. It has my back

When you get lost, you look to your phone for guidance to help you back on track. Your phone knows where it is, and more importantly where to go!

2. It entertains me

Sitting at home, bored, needing a friend to cheer you up. Your phone is there playing you music, playing games with you and calling people to get them to come round for you. Your phone never leaves you bored in its company!

3. Gossip Gossip Gossip

Everyone gossips, friends often gossip to each other but your phone is a different story. You can chat about an arch nemesis from 5 years ago with your phone and gives you a tonne of gossip in return! It even shares it with your other friends…

4. It orders food for me

There’s nothing worse than when you’re starving and want something fatty, your best friend quickly orders it for you. No more having to run to the shop or the chippy when your best friend orders it straight to your door for you. How nice!

5. It remembers EVERYTHING

Your phone reminds you to send a birthday card to Dad, or Mother’s Day card to Mum, and when to get to “that” important meeting. It wakes you in the morning and even gives you a nudge if you snooze.

6. It helps me change the parts of me I want to change

Sick of not being a professional bottle flipper?! Your phone will change this, it will show you videos on how to do things and help you out just like a best friend would/should. You can even tell it your weight and height, and your phone will happily inform you that you need to shift a few kilos.

7. It knows all my deep dark secrets (and will never tell!)

There are many things and secrets we have that we would hate to get out… Your best friend Phone, however, will not let this happen. Only a fingerprint authorised by you will be allowed anywhere near your darkest and worst secrets.

8. It’s seen me at my worst, and STILL, love me

You know when you open the camera/Snapchat and see someone who you have never seen before staring at you, that’s actually you. Your phone doesn’t judge however as it has seen you on many different occasions and still hasn’t run away, shows how loyal phones are…

9. It lets me travel back in time

Remember when you took that horrifying picture of yourself five years ago and always wondered if you could ever see that again, your phones got your back. Your phone can show you those embarrassing images all over again and show you that change can be good.

10. You have your ups and downs, but it’s never left

The cracks can begin to show but you and your phone still remain companions. All those times you’ve dropped it, chucked it or let a kid play with it and yet it still has not left your side. What a phone!

11. You support my relationships

Your phone can be a big help in relationships, there’s nothing like stalking or checking up on your significant other, just in case. You and your phone can do that with ease, without any one else knowing, there’s nothing like good detective work. You can also enjoy moments with your loved one and your phone helps capture that special moment.

12. Sometimes, all we need is eye contact to communicate

You only need to look into the new Samsung Galaxy S8’s eyes (retina scanner) to unlock the device, taking your relationship to another level…

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Image credits: FreePik, luis molinero & Asierromero

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