More news on the Oculus Go is here thanks to CES 2018

CES 2018 has been great so far and it still has three days left! Interesting news has come from CES about the Oculus Go.

Facebook Virtual Reality VP Hugo Barra was present at Qualcomm’s press conference at CES; He shared some interesting news on the standalone Oculus headset.

The Oculus Go will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor; this is the same processor in the Google Pixel 1 and the LG G6! The Snapdragon 821 is a powerful processor which will perform great for this standalone VR.

It has also been confirmed that Xiaomi will be the hardware partner for the Oculus Go, the same Xiaomi who make the Mi Mix 2. This is great, Xiaomi have a really good reputation for their fantastic hardware. Xiaomi will also be creating a China orientated variant of the standalone VR called Mi VR Standalone.

We did not get any updates on a release date but the Oculus is meant to be coming by early 2018.

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