When you have purchased a new Android phone there are certain things you should do first!

You have finally received your new phone that runs Android OS. This may be your first android phone, the first thing that screams at you is the packaging that the phone is in. Kind of makes you feel like a kid again, opening presents on your birthday, full of excitement.

Android is a very customisable and huge OS, it is a completely different jump from the iPhones iOS. Apples OS has nowhere near as much customisation or features of Android, it can feel a little confusing or even intimidating at first. Let us guide you in the first things that you should do with your new Android device.

Plug your phone into its charger.

Android charging

The first thing you need to do is turn on your device and plug it in using the manufacturers/provided charging plug, this is because the set up of your phone can take a little while, depending on how much data you need to download/transfer. Furthermore, you do not know how much battery the device will have when you first turn it on, you would hate for it to die during the setup process, it is both annoying and potentially harmful for your new device. A charged device will allow you to continue using your phone after its set up and get you on your way to getting used to your new phone and enjoying its features.

Sign into your Google account

If you do have a Google account (most people do nowadays), you should definitely sign into it in the setup process. Signing into your Google account will allow you to download any photos or apps you had off of your old Android device (if applicable) but it is the first key step into customising your phone for you. It will activate features such as customised calendars, emails, contacts and even your browser history if you have chrome. It will help you pick up from where you left off on your computer (if you have one), you’ll have to sign in to access the Google Play Store to download apps anyway but it will install your previous life on Google’s platform onto your new device.

Set up your phone’s security

Android security method

One of the first things you should/need to do is to set up your phone’s security. Your phone will contain your private data such as payment details, address and your darkest secrets. Setting up security options early will protect you from this potential danger if you lose your device. The easiest and most common security options are a pattern lock or a PIN, you have to type in your pin or draw out your pattern every time you want to access the device. If your phone has a fingerprint sensor then this is the safest way to protect your device, set it up through the security/lock screen section in the phone settings. Newer devices can offer iris scanners or face unlocking systems, while they are easy to use, they are not the safest option for security, there have been many reports of the systems being bypassed with ease.

Download the right apps for you

Android Google Play Store

After your phone is set up and you’ve had a little play around with the devices settings and features, have a long look at the Google Play Store. The Google Play Store features millions of apps that could be helpful of fun for you, take a look at the top picks or have a look at the games to see which are right for you. You can get apps such as social media platforms, new keyboards, organisers, new default apps, news apps and many more. Downloading the right apps for you allow you to make your device perfect for you, it also helps it be your personal assistant and your media centre for when it’s needed.

Download Find My Device

Android Find My Device

Downloading and setting up Find My Device is a brilliant way to keep your device from being lost and to keep it safe if it does get lost. Find my device (also known as Android Device Manager) allows you to track your phone using its location, if you have misplaced it or think it has been stolen, you can log in on another device/computer and find your phone with ease. You can also make your misplaced phone ring on full volume, removing that problem of not being able to find it when it’s on silent. The app also allows you to remotely lock or factory reset your phone, this is great if your phone does get stolen, you can erase all of your data and stop it from getting into the wrong hands. Download it here.

There are many more things you can/should do when you get your new Android device, we will leave it at 5 for now!

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