Make YouTube Kids safer for your children!

Youtube kids

YouTube Kids is becoming a hugely popular platform for young kids to watch their favourite shows on but is the content safe?

YouTube kids app is YouTube’s attempt at giving kids a platform by offering cartoons, kid-friendly content and educational content all in one app.

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It’s supposed to make life easier for parents who only want their child to watch acceptable content however some disturbing videos bypass Google’s algorithms and show up to the parents’ horror. Raising concerns that it’s no longer a good idea to leave your child watching YouTube unattended while you go about your business.

Google states that they removed only 0.005 percent of videos from the app, which leaves us to believe it isn’t a big problem but there are helpful tools that the app offers that can be used to make YouTube Kids a lot safer.

Turn off the search bar

YouTube Kids is the same as YouTube when searching for content, and you can either type search or voice search. YouTube Kids will offer/recommend a smaller variety of “trending” videos without needing to search.

Fake accounts make the most common spam videos with names featuring a lot of keywords like ‘Kids Channel TV’ for example. To turn off the search bar function, you will need to:

  • Press the lock icon in the corner
  • Enter the/your passcode
  • Press Settings
  • Tap your child’s profile
  • Turn off Search settings.

We also advise that you create separate profiles for each of your children so you can enable varying degrees of security.

Set a custom passcode on the settings menu

The YouTube Kids app makes you enter a passcode every time you want to go into the settings menu, avoid having the settings changed by one of your children by setting up a custom passcode, to set up a custom passcode you will need to:

  • Press the lock icon in the corner
  • On the pin page, press “Set my own passcode.”

Report or flag unacceptable content

YouTube Kids has a dedicated team that reviews every video that is flagged or reported, benefiting all children using the platform. You can also block the video and the creator which ensures they will not appear again.  To do any of these actions all you need to do is click on the 3 dots icon and click on either of the options (Report or Block)!

We hope this post helps keep your child safe and give you a piece of mind when leaving your child watching YouTube Kids unattended!

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