How to make your refurbished iPhone faster in 6 simple steps!

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Buying a refurbished iPhone doesn’t mean it has to be slower than a brand new one!

Purchasing a refurbished iPhone is a smart choice, after all, you would buy a used car for cheaper right?

There are a lot of beliefs around refurbished phones, mainly ones that assume the device will be very slow and not very good to use. Refurbished phones may be a little bit slower but not enough to notice in real time use. You can make your iPhone faster though!

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There are many ways that you can make your iPhone faster, new iPhone or refurbished iPhone, these will work. The main causes of slowdowns on any iPhone are to do with storage levels, this is due to the iPhone struggling to handle how much data is on your phone.

Anyhow, here are 6 simple steps to make your refurbished iPhone faster!

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1.Uninstall apps that you don’t use

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All of us are guilty of keeping too many apps that we really don’t use but we keep, just in case, you know? You need to put your foot down, uninstalling apps frees you crucial storage space and removes the excess cache that the app may have gathered. You will be surprised at how much bloat some of your apps take up! To check, go to Settings>General>Storage & iCloud Usage>Manage Storage. Less bloat, more speed!

2.Delete your old videos, photos and music

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Imagine eating so much food that your stomach gets so full you can’t eat anymore and then going for a jog. That’s how your phone works. The best thing to do is sync and backup all of your photos onto iCloud or onto your desktop if you really want to keep them. You can then delete them from your phone and free up loads of storage space. Again, you’ll be surprised at how much storage they eat up!

3.Reduce motion to make your phone snappier

Refurbished iphone image 3If you feel that your iPhones iOS interface has slowed down a bit and doesn’t have that ‘snap’ feeling you get when navigating the device, enable ‘Reduce Motion’. It reduces that animation you get when opening another app on your phone. While it does like really nice with it on, it does speed up your phone a bit and also saves more battery!  Go to Settings>General>Accessibility to enable the Reduce Motion setting. You can even enter the Increase Contrast setting and Reduce Transparency as well, this will reduce the rendering time in certain scenarios.


4.Restart your phone (soft refresh)

Refurbished iphone image 4Sometimes the simplest of actions can have a great effect. Many of us never turn off our phones, we just recharge it at night and it never goes off. Turning off and restarting your iPhone can definitely speed it up as it clears out the unwanted cache and wasted RAM usage but it also soft refreshes the iOS system. This helps it let go of unimportant resources it may have been holding on to.


5.Turn off Background refresh on certain apps

Refurbished iphone image 5Have you ever wondered how you get email notifications so fast after one has just been sent? This is because the app refreshes itself in the background. This is a really good feature to have as it can keep you up to date with things you need, however, there are apps that use and refresh when they’re not open on your screen. This causes your iPhone to slow down and drains your battery life. If you go to Settings>General>Background App Refresh, take a scroll and look at the apps that are using background refresh. Toggle off any apps that you don’t think should be refreshed in the background.


6.Update iOS

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Updating the iOS operating system allows your phone to be and have the best at performance possible as it removes bugs and optimises your phone. This is essential for you to keep your phone up to date and feeling fresh, falling behind can also be a security risk! To check for an iOS update go to Settings>General>Software Update

There are our 6 simple steps on making your refurbished iPhone faster!

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