Alongside the launch of the LG V40, LG also unveiled their new LG Watch W7 smartwatch.

The LG Watch W7 is the latest Wear OS smartwatch from LG, their first new wearable since the LG Watch Sport and Watch Style.

LG has timed this release well; after all, the latest version of Wear OS has just been unveiled, starting from around £450. It could have been the chance for LG to use the new and ‘improved’ smartwatch chipset from Qualcomm, it didn’t take it though.

lg watch w7

The LG Watch W7 comes across as a standard Wear OS smartwatch but you will notice its unique hybrid design. The watch features mechanical hands in front of the screen. The watch’s hands are covered by another layer of glass though, so don’t worry about them breaking easily.

It features a 1.2-inch LCD display with a 360×360 resolution that can often be ruined by the mechanical hands. There is a button on the side that ‘flattens the hands horizontally, it doesn’t really work how it should though. You often can’t read the text and have to keep adjusting the screen just to read little elements.

The watch also features: Bluetooth 4.2, IP68 resistance rating, 4GB of storage and the Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor

lg watch w7 design

The smartwatch is very big, if you have small wrists, it may be a problem for you. It measures 44.5mm x 45.4mm x 12.9mm and weighs 79.5g, this is quite big compared to normal smartwatches.

Its smartwatch duties will last up to two days, the mechanical hands, however, will last up to 100 days on a single charge. At least it can function like a normal watch for a long period of time.

Big ommisions

If you’re getting the LG Watch W7 as a replacement for your fitness tracker or current smartwatch, you may be out of luck. The W7 does not feature a heart rate sensor, GPS, LTE/4G or NFC. This is basically a bare-bones Wear OS device with the functionality of a normal watch for an eye-watering price of around £450.

That’s a massive price for a smartwatch that does not have some of the most wanted features on a wearable device. This will definitely put a lot off people off of this device.

The W7 uses the older Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset instead of the new 3100 chipsets. The 3100 includes a co-processor that helps extend battery life and standby time.

lg watch w7 features

The LG Watch W7 is really all about the traditional aesthetic of a watch, you’re spending the money on a hybrid design and a stainless steel body. It does look very nice but not much else. The new Wear OS update brings a much better software experience, this doesn’t help LG.

In my opinion, if you’re not after a hybrid watch, go for a cheaper option. It will have way more features and won’t cost a fortune. I can’t recommend this watch at its £450-ish price.