Some of the iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max models are experiencing charging issues.

New iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max owners have been reporting charging issues with their new devices. The issues are resulting in users waking up to see their iPhones uncharged throughout the night.

iPhone XS Max image

Users are experiencing issues where their iPhone XS will not charge if the charger is plugged in and the device is locked/asleep. The issue seems to be caused by the new USB accessory settings that came with iOS 12. This is requiring the phone to be unlocked (or at least tapped) to begin charging.

Lewis Hilsenteger (renown tech YouTuber) has created a video over on his YouTube channel Unbox Therapy testing the new iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max devices, to see how common the issue really is.

As you can see, the issue is a lot more common than what is being made out. There are ways to get around these issues, having to upgrade to the iOS 12.1 beta is one of them.

Upgrading to iOS 12.1 seems to be getting rid of the issue completely, upgrading now or later should fix the issue. If you want it fixing now and don’t want to join the beta, try going to Settings > FaceID and Passcode > Allow access when locked > enable USB accessories.

Do you own an iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max, let us know if you’re facing the same issues.