The iPhone XS is finally here! Is it worth the upgrade though?

When you first look at the new iPhone XS, it automatically reminds you of the iPhone X. There’s not a massive difference in aesthetics (apart from the gold colour) but the new speakers and camera look to be top notch.

The main thing that made the iPhone X a top seller for Apple was the brand new design scheme, this is not a new design but a more refined version of the X, like a true ‘S’ model. The same frame is used (steel) and the screen is the same 5.8-inches as the X. It still features the notch for FaceID and has no physical home button.

The glass front and back is still present, with Apple claiming it is the most durable glass ever on a smartphone, it still makes it one of the most attractive phones available. It feels great to hold and isn’t to heavy.

iPhone XS

The screen has improved, with Apple adding 60% better dynamic range to the HDR 10 and Dolby Vision enabled screen. It improves the quality further by making different lighting in scenes look a lot better, it also makes colours stand out without being over saturated.

Apple have also added 120Hz capabilities onto the iPhone XS screen, making the scrolling faster and more fluid. It feels and looks great to use, it is a powerhouse for multimedia use for sure.

The iPhone XS has a dual-camera set up on the back (both 12 mega-pixels). One is a telephoto lens which allows 2x zoom and the other is a wide-angle lens that offers better low-light performance.

The Portrait mode is on the new iPhone and even comes with a new feature, it allows you to edit the blur amount after you have taken the photo.

The photo quality looks a lot better, the quality seems to have improved , this is thanks to the A12 Bionic’s Neural engine. Adding AI smarts onto your camera, giving you a quicker shutter speed and better features such as post-processing.

iPhone XS dark

Apple did not announce the size of the new battery but Apple have claimed that the battery will last 30 minutes longer than the iPhone X. At first glance, that does not seem like the biggest improvement but this may be due to the new chip set being a lot more powerful and doing more constant work.

Wireless charging is available on the iPhone XS, it is based on the same QI standard as the iPhone 8. Apple still are not shipping the phone with a fast charging capable charger, which their competitors do.


To the short time we had to make judgement on the iPhone XS, we feel that it is a small update but a meaningful one. It is a bit obvious that the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR have been focused on a bit more.

You wouldn’t be losing out if you stuck with your iPhone X but if you want to get into the Apple ecosystem without losing out on the latest features, it’s worth it.