The iPhone X release is just around the corner but worryingly reports suggest there will be a very short supply ready.

Many analysts and phone retailers are urging customers who want to buy the iPhone X to pre-order the device as quickly as possible. The pre-orders start tomorrow but many people really don’t want to shell out £999 all in one go, many are waiting for great deals and contracts.

Reports suggest that the iPhone X is in a very very low stock and that the launch will be a catastrophe due to the high demand. This will leave many loyal iPhone lovers in disappointment as they iPhone X imagemay need be able to get their hands on the device until 2018. Retailers and suppliers are up in arms with the tiny amount of stock they are being given as it just is not enough to keep up with the demand.

Customers are being advised that if they are desperate to get the new device then they should pre-order it as soon as they possibly can as the stock will run out very fast. The device is in a very high demand and has millions of people on the edge of their seats waiting.

If you are not as fussed about getting the device straight away, wait until 2018 when the price drops and read the reviews to see if the device is ass good as people are saying and then buy the device. You could save even more money by buying a refurbished/used iPhone X!

The best iPhone X alternatives

If you have caught new phone fever and just want a new device then check out our alternatives below.

iPhone 8 – The iPhone 8 is the newest phone from Apple (apart from the X) It features many of the new features that the X does but does not have the massive screen ratio or the Face ID of the X. However it has the new A11 chip and is a monster when it comes to speed and photos.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – Arguably the best phone Android has to offer right now, if you are not on a certain ‘team’ then the Note 8 is one of the best phones in the world right now to get. It features a massive ‘bezeless’ screen and features a dual camera with its infamous S-Pen.

iPhone 7 – The iPhone 7 is a cheaper alternative (sort of) it is cheaper than the iPhone 8 and still has brilliant features compared to the 8, it is also upgradable to iOS11 so you don’t have to worry about that! The chipset is a year older but it is still more than capable with extreme speed.

You can save even more money by buying refurbished phones.