The iPhone X has finally been revealed after months of impatient waiting!

Just looking at the device tells you that this isn’t any ordinary Apple device, this is the iPhone X, this is/should be special.

We got hands on with the iPhone X and we will now describe the new features and what we think of the device so far.


iPhone X chipset

Let’s start things off with the performance, we didn’t have enough time to test the battery life so we will leave this out but we do know that it will have two more hours of battery life over the iPhone 7. The new iPhone X features Apple’s new chipset: the A11 Bionic, which is touted to improve performance by 30% and to give a tonne more of battery life. The new chipset will go hand in hand with the power needed for the new AR sensor and the new OLED screen which needs more power than LCD. Furthermore, with the addition of FaceID, the new chipset will allow for quicker face scanning (unlocking) and it even helps boost camera performance. Apple claims that this is the most powerful phone in the world, we will have to extensively test it before we agree but it looks promising!

iPhone X design

The most exciting part about this new device is definitely the screen, Apple is known for its large bezels so it is a massive change for the company. The iPhone X features an edge to edge display, with a little cut out at the top for the camera and sensors. There is no more physical home button either which is a massive change, meaning the screen can stretch right to the bottom! iPhones usually have an LCD display with an HD resolution (their biggest con) but they’ve switched things up with the X, they’re using a ‘Super Retina HD display’ (OLED) with a resolution of 2436 x 1125 which puts it on par with most Android rivals. It also features HDR10 and Dolby Vision support which will make movies and videos look brilliant! The new screen looks fantastic, colours pop and the sharpness is great, feels weird to see this on an iPhone! The design is all glass on both sides which does look really nice but it’s quite scary to know that it has more chance of cracking when it drops! The design on the iPhone X is really nice, mainly due to the screen, the dual camera set up being verticle does raise an eyebrow but it is needed for the new AR features. The iPhone X also features stereo speakers, this is great for the audiophiles out there and gives the iPhone X a bonus point over the Note 8.

 iPhone X camera

Right off the bat, you will notice that the dual cameras on the back are vertical, this may look strange but when it comes to AR experiences, it’ll be worth it. It has the dual camera setup the back with the one being a regular 12MP camera with f/1.8 aperture and the other being a telephoto 12MP camera with f/2.4 aperture. The front facing camera has gained a lot of upgrades, this is due to FaceID and the ability to map your entire face. The face mapping is brilliant, it works well with the new ‘Animoji’ feature which allows you to become an emoji and animate it with your face, which is quite amazing, to be honest! There is another new feature called portrait lighting which allows you to choose what kind of lighting you want to ‘contour’ your face, it is done by the new face mapping which allows the phone to know where your face is and edit accordingly! Videos have also been boosted as Apple boasts the first phone camera to shoot 4K (2160p) videos at 60FPS which will look breathtaking, the 1080p recording has also been improved to 240FPS. We are very impressed with the iPhone X’s cameras so far, we will need to test them out further though to gather a conclusion.

New features
 iPhone X animoji

FaceID – Seen as Apple removed the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone X, they needed to add a secure method of unlocking the phone. FaceID scans and maps your face in order to unlock your phone, while some demos were sketchy, it seems a bit more secure than Samsungs attempt. However removing the fingerprint scanner is removing an already secure and quick way of unlocking your phone. FaceID is a great, innovative feature which will get even better as more features roll out.

Animoji – Where to begin? Animoji uses the FaceID hardware to 3D scan and map your face and turn it into an animated emoji. It copies your facial expressions and movements, it even picks up your voice making it a fun and brilliant custom animated message!

Wireless Charging – Apple’s claim of being the futuristic phone is quite annoying due to many phones having the features it’s advertising. This is the first iPhone (not including iPhone 8/8 Plus) to have wireless charging, you can fast charge wirelessly from 0-50% in 30 minutes which is very quick. However, the iPhone only supports QI wireless charging which means that PMA will not work, this is a bit disappointing as many Android phones use both.

New iOS – Due to the new screen size, iOS has had to be adapted for the iPhone X. There is no home button so swiping up from the bottom of the screen will send you home (same as opening the control centre) the control centre is now in the top right of the screen. While it does take a while to get used to, it feels very easy and sleek when doing this new way, you feel very futuristic and even cool…

We hope that you enjoyed this brief hands on review of the iPhone X! Let us know what you think?

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