So, TouchID isn’t working? Don’t worry, it happens a lot.

TouchID is the best way to unlock and protect your iPhone, it’s fast, simple and very effective. It feels weird having to put in a pin or password after you’ve got so used to using the fingerprint scanner, it has become the bread and butter of having a high-end smartphone. So, what happens if TouchID isn’t working?

Do you stick to your password/pin protection and just hope that your scanner is having a bad day? Sometimes the scanner may not work because of a little thing such as it is a little dirty. If your TouchID isn’t working, try following our methods of fixing it below and see if it helps you fix your issue!



Clean your Touch ID scanner TouchID wipe with cloth

This may sound very cliche and simple but sometimes a bit of dirt on your scanner can stop it from working, this could be anything from a little speck of dirt to grease off of your finger/thumb. The best way to clean the scanner is to get a cloth (like a glasses cloth) and give it a good old wipe down, make sure the cloth is soft and won’t damage the scanner. The reason why the scanner doesn’t work when it’s dirty is due to the fact that it takes an HD photo of sub-epidermal layers of your fingerprint, it uses that photo to see if the photo you have just taken matches the one in the database. The dirt/grease can block this photo being taken properly, that is why it may not be able to recognise your print!

Try a different angle TouchID isn't working angle

Sometimes the Touch ID sensor can be a pain, the device is so used to seeing photos of your fingerprint/thumbprint at one angle, it can struggle to recognise the same print at a different angle. We recommend remembering how you initially set it up with what position and which finger you used. You should then try and emulate that exact same position that you used before. This can also be helped if you add an extra fingerprint of the same finger/thumb at a different angle.

Update your iOS TouchID iOS update

New iOS’s get rid of/fix bugs that may be in the iPhone eco-system at that current time, this could perhaps include Touch ID bugs that cause it to play up, if you update your iOS this could fix any problems you are having, including the Touch ID problem. Software issues like this are mostly out of your control and cannot be adjusted to fix, so doing the updates will definitely help with most issues you are having on your iPhone but it may fix your TouchID problem too.

Could your case be the problem? 

TouchID case

Buying a new, flashy case can be awesome for your iPhone, however, some cases which have a cut out for the home button can be very close to cutting off all of your fingerprints. Certain cases just overhang a tiny bit and were not measured correctly for your phone, you should try and take your case off and see if that fixes your problem. If TouchID works correctly after you’ve taken it off, you’re going to need a new case…

Try out all of the different ways of our list, if they do not work it would be best to take it to a repair shop/experts to have a look at, this is because it may be a hardware issue.

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