Now that the iPhone 8 has started in mass production, it was only a matter of time until photos of the device came to light.

Check out the images below:

iPhone 8 backiPhone 8 front

First thoughts

What do you think of the design? As you can see, there is no physical home button any more which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you feel. The big spot is that there is no fingerprint scanner either on the front or back, which means either it’s built into the screen which would be awesome or they have scrapped it in favour of facial recognition. Not sure how to feel about the facial recognition as the Samsung S8 had a couple of problems with its retina scanner, would you trust your apple pay with your face? What about it it’s very dark? We will have to see.

New screen design

The design of the front looks very sleek and modern indeed, the screen looks to have gotten rid of the massive bezels that iPhones are known for in favour of the ‘all screen’ look. There will still be bezel of course if you look closely you can see that behind the retina/facial scanners is a block of bezel. You have to admit that it looks very nice and it’s good to see that Apple has listened to what people wanted. Let’s get onto the back of the device.

The back design

It’s very… striking isn’t it? In my personal opinion, I think that they have only angled it that way to be different from the rest of the competition unless there is a new feature or it’s just better for the camera? Either way, I don’t like the back design of how they’ve stuck the camera in a random odd place and I don’t think many people will either. The edges seem to be curved a bit following Samsung’s design, making it feel more comfortable in your hand.

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