Huawei overtakes Apple to become the world’s second largest smartphone brand

Huawei, who is China’s top smartphone maker, has overtaken Apple in global smartphone sales for the first time ever in June and July of this year (Q2). Huawei is now slowly catching up Samsung in the top spot of sales.

Their success is due to their consistent investments in Research & Development and their manufacturing. They have also been producing more creative advertising and have been very aggressive in pushing their marketing. 

The marketing and the R & D work have significantly helped close the gap and then eventually overtake Apple according to analysts. 


Although Apple do historically have a bad second quarter, analysts think the rise is significant.

“The importance of Huawei overtaking Apple this quarter should not be overstated,” said Canalys analyst Ben Stanton. “It is the first time in seven years that Samsung and Apple have not held the top two positions.”

This may not last the full year though; the new iPhones are due to be announced on September 12th with analysts projecting three potential phones with different price points. They predict that this will be a huge year in terms of iPhone sales.

Huawei and Honor

Huawei raised from the shadows a couple of years ago, changing from a predominantly Chinese marketed company to a global powerhouse. It shipped over 153 million smartphones last year which is a massive figure. 

Their success this year is mainly down to the success of the P20 & P20 Pro but also their sub-brand Honor having great sales with the Honor View 10 doing very well in the UK.

Will they be able to hold onto their position for the rest of the year? With brands such as Oppo and Xiaomi coming out of the shadows in Europe, there is a lot more threat coming to the top dogs in the mobile phone industry.

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