Have you picked up a new iPhone? Learn how to use your Control Center here.

iPhones iOS is very very different from Androids OS, getting the hang of all the different features and gestures can be very tricky. Especially if you’re not a massive phone fan.

Read our guide on how to use your Control Center on iOS 10 for quick and easy access to your iPhones fey functions. (Note: This tutorial is not for iPhone X however, features are the same on the Control Center)

Control Center

Accessing the Control Center –

To open your Control Center, all you have to do is swipe upwards from the home button and onto the phone’s screen. This can be done from anywhere, you do not have to be on the home page of your iPhone. The Control Center has two pages, the main one is the one you will mostly use and if you swipe left on the Control Center, it will take you to the second page which is your Audio page.

On this Audio page, you can see what song is currently playing, play and pause button, skip track buttons, add the current song as a favourite and a volume controller.

The main panel that appears default features the following.

Control Center Airplane Mode1. Airplane Mode

Tap this icon to enable Airplane Mode. This switches off access to incoming signals such as 4G and Wi-Fi. This is extremely helpful when charging your phone or trying to save battery as it makes your charging quicker. To disable Airplane Mode just simply tap it again.

Control Center Wi-Fi2. Wi-Fi

This is your Wi-Fi button. If you want to turn your Wi-Fi on/off all you have to do is tap the icon. When you’re outside and not near your usual Wi-Fi hotspot, turning this off saves you battery life and extending it longer!

Control Center Bluetooth3. Bluetooth

You can use Bluetooth to connect devices such as headphones and speakers to your phone without using a cable. To switch to Bluetooth just tap the icon, it should then show up the available Bluetooth connections near you. To disable it, simply press the icon again.

Control Center Do Not Disturb4. Do Not Disturb

When Do Not Disturb is on, you will not receive text notifications or incoming calls. Make sure that you do not leave this on as you could miss out on important calls or texts. You should enable this when you do not want any distractions. To disable just tap the icon again.

Control Center Screen Orientation Lock5. Screen Orientation Lock

This icon is the Screen Orientation Lock that, when enabled, stops your phone from changing viewing style. For example, if you want the view to stay in landscape you would enable this, this would stop it switching to portrait when you turn the phone.

Control Center Brightness6. Brightness

This is the brightness bar, you can change your brightness using the slider. This is very helpful when you’re in a situation such as very bright lighting as you can change the brightness to compensate and help improve your view of the screen.

Control Center AirPlay7. AirPlay

AirPlay lets you stream content to Apple TV or AirPlay-compatible speakers/headphones. The Wi-Fi must be switched on for AirPlay to work. Tap the AirPlay icon to switch it on, a list will appear of all compatible devices nearby, tap the device that you want to stream to.

Control Center AirDrop8. AirDrop

AirDrop allows you to share a document/file with another iOS device or Mac using Bluetooth or other network connections. You can enable this by clicking the icon and configuring the settings so that you can customise potential receivers of your files.

Control Center Night Shift9. Night Shift

Night Shift reduces the amount of blue light that your screen outputs. This is because the blue light spectrum can affect and interfere with your natural sleeping patterns. It is best to switch this on an hour or two before you go to sleep and it should help your sleeping pattern stay intact.

Control Center Torch10. Torch

Pressing this icon will enable the Torch. This switches on the iPhones very powerful LED flash on the rear of your device. This is very helpful when you are looking for something in the dark or telling horror stories…

Control Center Timer11. Timer

The Control Center allows you to make use of the timer app with a quick tap. By tapping the icon, you get redirected to the app and opens the Timer mode app. You can use this when needing a timer quickly, for example, when timing a journey.

Control Center Calculator12. Calculator

Tap the calculator icon to open the Calculator app. If you use the Calculator app in portrait, you get a simple calculator, if you use it in landscape mode, you get a scientific calculator with more options and features.

Control Center Camera13. Camera

This is a useful shortcut in getting to your camera quickly when on a different app, you can swipe left on the lock screen to get to your camera as well. This is a perfect feature for when you’re on an app but see something you need to take a photo of quick!


This is a simple guide on what the Control Center can do and how to use it! We hope this has helped you.