Android Pay allows you to use ‘contactless’ through your phone instead of your card. Read below to learn how to use Android Pay

*Android Pay has been renamed to Google Pay, this is Google’s attempt to have a digital wallet and vouchers all in one app, however, the functions below remain the same just under the new name*

You can tap your phone against the card reader in your favourite store and not have to even think about getting your wallet/purse out, and it’s simple to use, time-saving and practical.

Not all Android phones are compatible so check that your phone is compatible first. Check below to see if your phone is compatible with Android Pay;

  • Your phone will need to have NFC (Near-Field-Communications)
  • Android OS needs to be above Android KitKat 4.4

If your phone meets the criteria above then you can use Android Pay (Google Pay)!

The next step is downloading Android Pay (Google Pay) from the Google Play Store, to save you some time, I will link it for you here – Google Pay

Check that it is not already downloaded first as newer devices can come with it pre-installed!

Next, set up a screen lock on your phone how to use Android Pay logo

Android Pay (Google Pay) will not work unless you have a security option

To set up a pin or fingerprint etc, go to Settings> Lock Screen/Security>Screen Lock Type.

Now the app is installed and ready, add your credit/debit card to the app.

When you open the app a pop up will appear to sign in to Android accounts. It will give you the ability to add a payment option/card. Just select the plus symbol to add your card. You can scan your card or add it manually. You will be asked to verify the card usually by email link.

TIP: If you add more than one card, make sure that you set your main card as the default payment option!

how to use Android Pay on phone

You are now all set to start using Android Pay(Google Pay)! You will need your NFC switched on when using it. Try it out at your local store which allows contactless card payments, with the usual £30 limit. To spend more than that you will need to unlock your phone and then tap it on the contactless reader, and you will get a notification whenever you use the app, as a confirmation.