How to reset your Samsung phone

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If your Samsung phone is struggling to keep up with small demands, sometimes a reset can fix the problems.

You don’t always need to get a new phone when your current phone is slowing down, sometimes your phone just needs to be reset to refresh. In this post, we will give you a simple tutorial on how to soft reset and hard reset your Samsung phone.

Please note that different phone manufacturers have different ways of conducting hard resets, this is only for Samsung phones.

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What is a soft reset?

The soft reset is the first reset type that you should try, it consists of resetting the phone without wiping all of the phone’s data, it’s essentially a restart. The soft reset closes any open applications that are running and also clears any data in the phones RAM. Current data that you are using and have not saved can be lost, make sure you’re not leaving anything important open and unsaved. None of your applications will be affected by the soft reset.

How to conduct a soft reset

To soft reset your Samsung phone, all you need to do is hold the power button until the above menu appears. After selecting restart, your device will then reboot and will have had a soft reset.

Why should I do a soft reset?

A soft reset is a great way to give your phone a little refresh, it clears any data that’s in the phones RAM that could have been slowing down the performance of your phone. It is recommended that you conduct a soft reset every so often as many people do not leave their phone to run out of battery or ‘die’ when your phone runs out of battery it gives the phone a chance to soft reset when it is turned back on. There are many issues that a soft reset can solve, that includes laggy performance, not receiving calls, texts or emails, audio issues and touch screen response issues.

What is a hard reset? 

The hard reset is when it reverts your phone to its default/original settings, it also reverts you back to a clean Android operating system (OS). This is because it removes all of the data and information added to the phone by the user. A hard reset basically erases everything from your phone and revets it to a like new condition. Make sure that you backup all of your data before conducting a hard reset as you will lose everything from the device!

How to conduct a hard reset – 

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To hard reset your Samsung phone, make sure that the phone is switched off.

  1. Hold the home, volume up and the lock/power button down at the same time
  2. Hold the buttons down until a Samsung logo appears
  3. You will then see the ‘Android Man’ appear, wait until the system recovery menu appears
  4. Navigate the menu by using the volume button keys, use the lock/power button to select
  5. Navigate to the wipe data/factory set option and select this option
  6. Select ‘Yes-delete all user data’
  7. Select ‘reboot system now’
  8. Hard reset is complete

On a Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ or a Note 8, you will need to use the Bixby button instead of the home button due to the devices not having a physical home button.

Why should I do a hard reset?

A hard reset is a last resort when you’re having serious issues with your phone. The hard reset is a very powerful tool that solves almost all software related issues on your Samsung phone. The hard reset can fix corrupted software, remove viruses, revert settings you don’t want and can remove anything bad that is making your phone performance bad. The hard reset does remove everything off of the device except for the OS of course. Do not forget to backup all of your data, include everything that you want to keep!

We hope that this reset tutorial for your Samsung phone helps you with your issues. Always try the soft reset first and always back up your data before conducting a hard reset! Let us know in the comments if you are still having issues and we will help where we can.

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