How to get Fortnite on iPhone, quick and simple.

Fortnite has taken the gaming sector by storm, by offering a free game where you fight to the death until you’re the last person standing, they have smashed it. They have finally made the leap and have got the battle royale game on mobile, it is only currently available on iOS, sorry Android users!

Fortnite mobile will be compatible with gamers on the PC or an Xbox/PS4 (not both consoles at the same time though), meaning you can crossplay with people on consoles while you’re on your phone! You are able to enjoy and play Fortnite on the move. The game on phone has different controls (obviously), it is all touch controls, it offers virtual joysticks, tap areas and action buttons to control your game.

A lot of fans of the game, or just gamers in general, don’t know how to get Fortnite on iPhone. It is really easy and simple to get it!

The only issue with getting the game at this moment is you have to have iOS11, meaning some Apple devices will not be compatible. Any iPhone above the iPhone 6S/SE will be compatible (if you have upgraded iOS), you can also use the iPad Mini 4, iPad Pro and iPad air 2 are all compatible.

Here is how to get Fortnite on iPhone;

  1. sign up via the Fortnite website.
  2. You have to enter your email and register with them
  3. Once you have registered, just wait for the invite email from epic games.
  4. they will send you a link which opens in Safari.
  5. Tap the download button

If you have a friend who is already playing the game on mobile, they will be able to invite you to play and download the app. Once they are in the lobby, your friend will be able to tap a button on the right which allows them to share codes. The three unique codes provided will give someone access to the game!

Hope you enjoyed the How to get Fortnite on iPhone tutorial!