Looking to get the new Google Pixel 2 XL? You may need to read this first.

The new Google Pixel 2 XL looks like a brilliant smartphone, there’s no doubting that, but more often than not new smartphones do have their problems.

There have been wide reports of the display being less vibrant than other flagships, with people claiming their screens are dull and ‘colourless’. Google has stated that they aimed for a more neutral and colour realistic panel on their Pixel 2 XL, rather than follow Samsung with heavy colour saturation. If you place a Google Pixel 2 XL next to a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, you will definitely see a massive difference!

The reports have since got worse though, with complaints coming in of ‘grainy’ or ‘blotchy’ images on the display, particularly in very low light. There have also been complaints of a blue tint that can be noticed if you look at the phone off centre or at a side angle. The blue tint is not a bright blue kind of colour but more of a darkening and cooling of the display colours, this is more common in LCD screens as the viewing angles are quite low. It is easy to spot the issue in a dark environment but in a bright environment, it’s not the most noticeable.

However, more complaints have rolled in, there are a lot of reports claiming the Google Pixel 2 XL has screen burn-in issues. This is where graphics on the screen are still visible even when going into different apps, it is mostly parts around the navigation bar which are having this problem. At this time, it only seems to be the outlines of the navigation buttons and happens after a couple of hours of use.

While the effects of the screen may not be the most apparent when using the phone, these issues are still quite bad when you are paying a premium for a flagship. This should not be happening and is unacceptable really.

To conclude, the screen colour issues are not very noticeable, unless you put it side by side with another flagship (which is unlikely) but it is noticeable if you do or if you have used another flagship device. It can play on your mind quite a lot and has even put people off buying the phone! We will update this post if more news about the screens come to light.

Google has since come out and stated that they may add more colour packs in their next update, allowing you to have a more saturated colour set.

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