Last year, it was announced that there was a deal between Google and HTC for a $1.1 billion acquisition. Today it is finalised.

September last year, Google made a $1.1 billion deal with HTC in exchange for certain employees, mainly within the mobile phone hardware sector and also access to HTCs intellectual properties (IP’s). There was a slight delay in the deal being done as the Taiwanese Investment Commission had to approve the deal, this was done in December.

Today, however, the deal has been finalised and around 2000 engineers are welcomed to Google. The engineers were already working on the Pixel 2 and the future pixel devices when the deal was first struck, so they’re already experienced in that manner.

The engineers will remain based in Taiwan which makes Taipei the largest Google engineering site in the Asia-Pacific region.

The deal has been confirmed finished in a blog post by Rick Osterloh, the Senior Vice President of Hardware.

The news of this acquisition is great news for fans of the Pixel range, this represents a huge and serious expansion of the hardware efforts from Google, the Research & development teams will be in-house rather than outsourced which will give them a boost and save costs. They still aren’t a huge player in the smartphone industry just yet but they are aiming at the big guns such as Samsung and Apple.

The aims set to target high volume sales within five years, with this deal being completed, they are well on their way to achieving this.

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