Looking to get a new iPhone 8? Read below on why we think you should get the iPhone 6S instead.

Apple has broken the tradition of getting rid of their older model in favour of keeping the iPhone 6s alongside the iPhone 7 and newer iPhone 8. It’s all about supply and demand, and Apple knows that the need for the iPhone 6s is still there!

Great value

Why you should get the iPhone 6S over the iPhone 8 iPhone 6S colours

The new iPhone 8 on the Apple website will cost £699 vs £449, that’s a £250 saving, with very few new features and benefits the value of the iPhone 6s is a steal. Whatsmore you can save even more buying a refurbished 6s!

Spot the difference

If you put an iPhone 6S and an iPhone 8 next to each other, they don’t look drastically different at all, let’s look a little closer, as looks can be deceiving!

  • iPhone 8 – 138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3 mm
  • iPhone 6S – 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1 mm

The iPhone 8 is marginally taller, wider, thicker and heavier and is glass. The glass design is for fast wireless charging, which is a great new feature, however, don’t try the drop test!

Metal is more durable than glass

Why you should get the iPhone 6S over the iPhone 8 iPhone 6S Rose gold

The iPhone 8 features an all-glass design, which looks fantastic, and we love the wireless charging, but glass smashes! The price of the back panel replacement with Apple Care+ is £129 for the policy, and then an additional £79 for the back panel (not covered separately) so works out to around 3x more than a screen replacement.

Add a protective case that is thick enough to withstand a drop, and you remove the one great feature – wireless charging – oh the irony.

You can update to iOS11

Why you should get the iPhone 6S over the iPhone 8 iOS11

One of the main selling points of the new iPhones is having the new iOS, it offers better performance and new features, but the iPhone 6S can upgrade to iOS11. You’re not going to be left out, and you will have access to most (if not a vast majority) of the new features and improvements.

The iPhone 6S keeps up with the iPhone 8

Why you should get the iPhone 6S over the iPhone 8 iPhone 6S image

When something has the word “Bionic” in it, you know it’s going to be a trailblazer, and this is where the iPhone 8 stands apart (well.. until the X is launched), needless to say, the iPhone 7 had a 40% faster CPU and 50% faster GPU than the iPhone 6s, so it is certainly “bionic”. However, put in context if you are a tech person who has mega workloads on his phone, then you will certainly see the difference, but a mainstream user who uses the occasional game, youtube, social media or all three at the same time, the A9 chipset is still brilliant and it can keep up.

You can still be a pro photographer

Why you should get the iPhone 6S over the iPhone 8 iPhone 6S camera

The iPhone 8 features one of the best single cameras on the market, this is another key selling point of the new iPhone but the iPhone 6S camera is still a boss. If you do not care about having the most graphically intense photos in the world the iPhone 6S still takes fantastic photos, they still look sharp and colourful. There’s not a major difference in camera quality when compared. The phone is not that old in reality (2 years).

You can use wired headphones

Why you should get the iPhone 6S over the iPhone 8 headphone jack

Not all wireless headphones are the best, the dongle to use a pair of wired headphones on the iPhone 8 can be annoying, plus you can’t charge and listen to music. The iPhone 6S features an audio jack, you can still plug in your trusty earphones and listen to music to your heart’s content, even when charging. You won’t have to buy a ridiculous pair of wireless headphones to listen to have good music quality.

What has actually improved?

Check out the list below to see the differences you get in the iPhone 8.

  • Water resistance
  • Augmented Reality
  • Better camera
  • Slightly better screen (nothing that noticeable)
  • Wireless charging
  • Fast charging (at the expense of a ridiculously priced charger)
  • Faster performance

To conclude why you should get the iPhone 6S over the iPhone 8, the iPhone 6S is still an amazing phone, it’s still quick, it can still take gorgeous photos and it has most of the features that an iPhone 8 has. It is perfect for when you do not have the budget for an iPhone 8. The screen resolution and size is the same so content watching will be the same too! It’s all about the budget you have really, the iPhone 8 is an excellent new phone with new features but the iPhone 6S is a really good phone for a significantly lower price.

Pick up a refurbished iPhone 6S here or pick up a brand new iPhone 8 here!