The IMEI blacklist checker is a useful tool in fighting against phone fraud.

At the Big Phone Store, we use a number of services to check the history/make/model of the phone before we sell on our phones to the public. One of the main tools we use is the IMEI blacklist checker.

You can use the IMEI blacklist checker to check the status of your mobile phone. This can pick up on issues such as the previous owner still being under contract (and not paying) and if it’s been reported lost or stolen.

All mobile phone manufacturers/makes support our IMEI blacklist checker, you can check any IMEI, no matter the phone.

free IMEI blacklist checker

If you ever purchase a phone from an un-trusted source (third-party) then check the IMEI before buying the phone. There are pawnbrokers and more out there willing to sell you a phone that will end up being blocked.

You should always buy from a trusted source (like us) when it comes to used phones.

If you’re worried about your phone or want to check the IMEI of a phone, you can use our Free IMEI blacklist checker.

If you’re not sure on how to find your IMEI, read our How to find your IMEI post.