You can now apply to get Fortnite on Android, after months of waiting…

After months of waiting, fans of Fortnite can now rejoice as Fortnite on Android is nearing to a full release. Giving Android users access to the very popular Battle Royale mode.

If you’re one of the Fortnite fans who have been waiting patiently to get Fortnite on Android, you need to head on over to the Epic Games website. On the site you can sign up for the beta which is now slowly being rolled out, although, you may have to wait a while.

Fortnite on Android was originally exclusive for Samsung phones, due to a deal with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9; it can now be played on a whole bunch of other Android phones. This includes phones from Google, OnePlus, LG, Nokia and Essential. You can check to see if your phone is compatible with Fortnite on Android by heading to the sign up page.

Fortnite on Android image

There is no official waiting time to receive an email from Epic Games but there will probably be millions of requests for the beta, you’ve already been waiting months so waiting a little while longer shouldn’t be an issue.

The Fortnite on Android release hasn’t been without its controversy though; this is due to Epic Games refusing to put Fortnite on the Google Play Store as they do not want Google taking 30% of their earnings from the game. This decision has been highly criticized as downloading the game from their site has a whole load of security implications, for example, if someone went onto a fake website and downloaded it there, it could be full of malicious malware.

We will be creating a blog post on how to download Fortnite on Android properly, so you won’t be running the risk of falling into hackers clever tricks and having your data potentially stolen.

When you do finally get access to the beta, just remember that it is a beta; the game might not run the best and may be buggy while it is still in the beta stages. It will still be fun though!

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