If you’ve been trying to type the letter ‘i’ on your iPhone, you may have noticed something strange going on…

iPhone i glitch

Credit – @Suprsprt

*Update: Upgrading iOS should resolve the issue but if it hasn’t read this tutorial!*

There have been a lot of reports of the new iPhone iOS (iOS 11.1)  glitching when you type the letter ‘i’, it will autocorrect the i into the letter ‘a’ with a weird symbol.

The iOS 11.1 glitch has impacted a number of different Apple devices including; iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. Some users are even reporting that they are struggling to type a coherent sentence due to this new glitch.

The glitch has not yet been patched by Apple but they are working on it apparently, however, they have offered a quick easy fix for this glitch until the patch hits your device. It includes changing the settings of the letter ‘i’ in your keyboard settings. Follow the steps below to fix this glitch.

  • Go to settings
  • Tap on General
  • Tap on Keyboard
  • Tap on Text Replacement
  • Tap on the + symbol
  • Put in an upper-case ‘I’ under Phrase and type a lower-case ‘i’ under Shortcut

This is the quick way to fix this glitch until Apple releases their patch to get rid of this glitch. We hope this small post helped you!

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