Bezel-less screens are taking over, moving the fingerprint sensor to the back.

fingerprint sensor front vs back


It’s no surprise that phone manufacturers are moving their fingerprint sensors to the back of their devices, it gives them the space to remove more of that bottom bezel. That does not mean that it is the best way though.

When the impending release of fingerprint sensors being embedded into the front screen arrives (Read more here) this will give a whole new feeling to devices and make accessibility even better. All though it will be quite slow at first, it will definitely improve with future iterations. We hear a lot of people complaining about having their sensors on the back (mostly S8 users) as it can be quite uncomfortable to reach around with your finger, maybe worse with a wide case. There are strong arguments for both sides as you could say your finger is already naturally around the back of the phone near the sensor, making it easier.

The problem for people who love the sensor on the front is that bezel-less displays are trending and they are a lot better, this means that a fingerprint sensor cannot be placed on the front. I do like Sonys way around it though, adding the sensor to the power button on the side of the device. It’s different and quite comfortable to use when you get used to it.

It is all about your own opinion though, do you prefer a fingerprint sensor on the front or back? Let us know down below in our poll.