Fancy getting paid £25 an hour to wipe the memory of an ex from a person’s phone?

Here at The Big Phone Store, our main aim is to help you, our customers, with whatever phone and electronic needs you may have. As such, when we recently surveyed 2,580 Brits and discovered that more than half (58%) of adults find clearing their phone of relationship memories the most painful part of a breakup, we decided we could help. 

We’ve decided to launch a brand new service (a world first we think!) where members of the public will be able to hire a professional to wipe their phones of any unwanted content relating to their ex, whether that be photos, social media posts, texts or videos, as long as it can be accessed remotely, it can be cleaned from your device. 

The ‘EX-terminate’ service will be launched in October, however we need someone to facilitate it, so are currently recruiting for a Phone PA and that’s where you come in! 

If you’re a tech savvy individual who’s interested in working remotely to help customers overcome their heartache, then this could be the job for you. 

As a Phone PA you will be paid £25 an hour to complete the jobs as they come in, organizing, cleaning, and removing images, videos, files or messages from customers’ handsets. You will be contracted to work up to 10 hours a week, dependent on demand, and will receive a smartphone of your choice, either Android or iPhone, to carry out the job, which you can use for personal use too if you like. We’re looking to trial this service for one month, and if successful will extend the employment contract further. 

Customers will give the PA access to their personal files via cloud software such as iCloud or Google Shared, and their social media accounts if they wish them to be EX-terminated too. As such, in order to adhere to privacy regulations, the successful candidate must sign a confidentiality waiver and must not keep or share any files they delete while working.

Applicants must be aged 18 or over, have a clean criminal record and have access to a strong Internet connection – very important! 

As a theoretical example, say a customer has broken up with their partner who is called ‘Jo’ and wishes to rid any mention of their name from their phone as well as all pictures on their device and Instagram, the PA’s job will be to access their device, and locate and remove all assets pertaining to the ex. Each case will be individual and bespoke, and it will be up to the PA to find out what the customer wants/needs once we’ve referred them. 

As this is a new role no specific qualifications are required from applicants, however the successful candidate must be a tech savvy individual who is confident using mobile devices. We will be remotely testing shortlisted applicants on their ability to quickly and effectively remove specific content. So, if this sounds like you, please apply via the form below!


We will be selecting the successful applicant at the end of September, with hopes of launching the EX-terminate service mid-October – so if you’re newly single and looking to remove your ex’s digital footprint from your phone, watch this space!


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