Does it feel like your iPad battery is draining too quickly?

Year after year, Apple devices are getting quicker and quicker, including the iPad range.

The iPad is getting faster, bigger and better, the battery life is quite good in general for such a powerful device with a large screen, lasting around 10 hours.

If you use your iPad daily and throughout the day, this may not be enough, especially if you’re using accessories such as the keyboard and the pen. This can be a pain, especially if you’re busy, instead of having to leave it plugged in all the time, which wastes your electric, try our methods and see your battery life increase!

Check which apps are draining your battery

This feature is built in by default, you can see what apps are causing your battery to drain. Some apps drain the battery more than others, this is due to the amount of data they need and if they refresh in the background (more on this later). You can access this feature by going into settings and tapping battery form the options.

Turn off Background App Refresh

The main cause of battery drainage is through apps, using the step above, you can pinpoint which app is draining the battery. Turning off Background App Refresh stops apps from using data when they’re not open, this will mean that your Facebook feed will need to be refreshed when you re-open the app. It’s definitely worth turning it off if you’re struggling for juice! You can choose if you want to leave it on for certain apps, if you’re waiting for emails, you can leave it on for that particular app.  To access this, go to Settings>General Settings>Background App Refresh.

Turn off Bluetooth & Location Services

A lot of us use our iPads at home, all the time, as we are scared to lose or break it in the real world outside. This means that we stay at home with it most of the time and don’t really connect anything to it. Bluetooth & Location Services both drain quite a bit of battery, if you don’t need them on, why leave them on? If you are using the Bluetooth, you can turn it off whenever you stop using it, with location services, you can turn it on whenever you go to take it out with you. Turning them off in the meantime will save you a lot of precious battery! To turn off location services you will need to go to settings and then tap privacy. To turn Bluetooth on and off, use the control centre by swiping up from the bottom of the screen!

Turn off your 4G connection (If applicable)

Using 4G connection gives you access to blazing quick internet data speeds, but it comes at the cost of your battery life. If you’re using your iPad at home, you should turn off your 4G connection, even if it is in the background, and use your Wi-Fi connection only. This way you will still have access to the internet and will help save your battery from draining, to turn 4G off, just open your control centre by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and toggle it off.