You can change your iPhone wallpaper to really customise your experience.

Making your phone yours can be more difficult on an iPhone, Android offers a lot more customisation and even features custom launchers. Apple does not currently allow custom themes or custom app icons on their iPhones and probably never will (without jailbreaking it). You can, however, change the wallpapers on the lock screen and home screen.

Changing the wallpaper on your iPhone is really what makes the device feel like it’s actually yours, it allows you to add your own touch to your most used possession. You can choose from Apple’s default wallpapers or you can use your own images for a personal touch.

There are two different ways of changing your iPhone wallpaper, continue reading for a step by step guide to changing your wallpaper;

Method 1
  1. Oen settings on your iPhone
  2. Tap wallpaper and then go to choose a new wallpaper
  3. Choose the image that you desire, you can choose from Apple’s own default wallpapers
  4. If you have an iPhone 6S or later, you can use live wallpapers, they animate when you use 3D touch on the screen
  5. After choosing the image, move/scale it and choose your display option (perspective will move slightly when you tilt the device)
  6. Press set and then set it as your preferred wallpaper (lock screen, home screen or both)

Method 2

  1. Find the photo/image you want to use in your gallery
  2. Tap on the share button
  3. Navigate the menu until you find ‘Use as Wallpaper’
  4. Set the photo as your preferred wallpaper

Method 2 is quicker than method 1, this is normally used when you know which one of your own images/photos you will use as your iPhone wallpaper. Apple does offer beautiful options that you can use on your iPhone but we recommend using your own images as it will give you a more personal feel, check out four of the iPhone’s default wallpapers below.

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