Can you stop water damage with a bag of rice?The story goes that you can save your wet phone with rice!

You’ve all heard the reports, and many blogs that suggest that removing your battery, and placing your newly submerged phone into a bag of uncooked rice, if done swiftly, can eliminate the moisture from the phone and voila – fixed, but is this Myth, or Fact?

We want to learn: 
  • Does rice save your phone?
  • If you drop your phone in water, what is the best way to recover it?

So how does rice purportedly save your phone?

It acts as a very mild desiccant (absorbs liquid) and helps draw the moisture out of the phone.  However, you only have to Google “The best way to save a wet phone,” and with over 2 million results we can quickly see that BEFORE you place your phone in rice that you need to do at least 4 or 5 other life-saving procedures, before putting your phone into rice. You can see that without those steps the rice method just isn’t enough on its own.

The guys over at Android Authority have written a nifty article on How to Fix a Water Damaged Phone and although they do advise if rice is what you have to hand, to use it, they also point out that Silica Gel is a better moisture absorbent.

But why rice? Mostly because it is something readily available at most homes. The idea is that rice is very good at absorbing humidity in the air — Android Authority

So it seems that it is, in fact, a MYTH that you can’t stop water damage with a bag of rice alone, but if you find yourself Googling “Help I’ve dropped my phone in water,” try these things FIRST to help recover your wet phone.

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