Senior citizens are often overlooked when it comes to smartphones. Many smart phones are geared towards the younger generations that have grown up to use technology as second nature, and not to the older generations that haven’t been brought up around technology. 

Because of this, many smartphones don’t give seniors the tools and features that they’re looking for. Technical limitations, such as phones with small screens and poor fonts, phones with buttons that are difficult to press, and phones that don’t have loud ringers, also hold seniors back from using smartphones.

According to iNews one in five people aged 75 and over in the UK now use a smartphone, and when you compare it to the fact that 99% of 16 to 24 year old’s own mobile phone, it is clear to see why elder generations have such trouble finding a phone that suits them. 

However, there are some phones that can give elderly mobile users what they’re looking for. With large screens, accessibility features and durable designs that could withstand a few drops, these are the best smartphones for seniors.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 phones for seniors

Photo of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 front and back in blue colour with S pen standing next to the phone on the right.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was released in the summer of 2018 to critical acclaim. The device is one of Samsung’s “phablets” which is a cross between a phone and a tablet and offers a larger screen and body.

The device is one of the most powerful smartphones on this list, as it offers 8GB of RAM and octa-core processors which means that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is great at multitasking and running the best games and apps. It also has dual 12 megapixel cameras on the rear and a single 8 megapixel selfie camera on the front. Then there’s the 4000mAh battery that has lasted up to 97 hours in tests.

Why the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is One of the Best Phones for Seniors

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is one of the best phones for the elderly because of its huge 6.4 inch screen which makes it much easier for a senior citizen to see text and images. 

Accessibility tools, such as “easy screen” that lets you unlock the phone with a wave, adjustments for keyboard size and layout, and text-to-speech which will read out blocks of text for you, are all designed for people who are hard of hearing or have poor eyesight.

The device is also built to last. Its specs mean that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 can handle however much you throw at it, from a senior citizen who forgets to close their apps and has several running at once, to a grandchild who borrows the phone to play mobile games. The ‘S” pen also enables typing to be made easier, which is especially good if typing or scrolling on a smartphone screen is found difficult. The battery life means that it can go for several days without needing to be charged, and it’s dust and waterproof, making it durable enough to withstand drops on the floor or into buckets of water!

How Much Does the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Cost?

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iPhone XR 

Image of the iPhone XR front and back in colour black.

Apple launched the iPhone XR in 2018, as one of their newer more budget phones, and it is fantastic value for money. It is one of Apples best selling models, and was released alongside the iPhone 11 range and it comes in a range of bright colours. 

The iPhone XR has a large 6.1 inch display with an edge to edge screen and face ID recognition. It also boasts a 12 Megapixel rear camera and great added camera extras, and it is additionally IP67 water and dust resistant to protect from accidental drops. 

The iPhone XR is Plus is powerful, offering quad core processors, and the more efficient Apple A12 Bionic chip. The phone has a 2942mAh battery that can last up to  25 hours, and has fast and wireless charging capabilities.  

Why the iPhone XR is One of the Best Phones for Seniors in 2020? 

The iPhone XR has a great 6.1 inch screen size for seniors that may have poor eyesight. Furthermore, the long lasting battery life is easy to maintain, especially if it won’t be used for a lot of streaming and if you don’t want to be constantly charging your phone. This enables you to talk on the phone and contact loved ones for even longer.

Features such as Siri are also brilliant as they enable users to ask questions, text and make calls or send texts without having to type the information, so fiddly typing can be avoided. For those with bad eyesight, accessibility features such as keyboard and text sizes are great as they enable easy viewing and reading that won’t strain the eyes further.

The iPhone XR also has a durable design, which is especially good for protecting against drops from unsteady hands. There are also added benefits such as Medical ID, which allows important medical information to be added that can be easily accessed and assessed by medical professionals. It also has a fantastic 12MP camera for capturing high quality photos of the family. 

How Much Does the iPhone XR Cost?

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Phone SE

iPhone SE phones for seniors

Photo of four iPhone SEs layered on top of each other. In order from left to right is gold, silver, rose gold and black. The black has a firework display on the screen.

The iPhone SE was released as a more affordable way of getting a quality iPhone. The device was hugely popular with people who were looking to save money and is still well liked by those looking for a good device at a good price.

The device is more compact than some of Apple’s other phones, as the iPhone SE has a 4 inch screen. However, with 2GB of RAM and a dual core processor, this phone is small but powerful. It’s good for making calls, sending texts, browsing the Internet and playing a few casual mobile games too.

The iPhone SE also has a 1624mAh battery and could run for 73 hours in tests. So, seniors who forget to charge their phone every day will probably find that their phone still has enough battery power when they come back to it.

Why the iPhone SE is One of the Best Phones for Seniors

The iPhone SE isn’t the most powerful phone on this list but it is a good package. It does what you need it to and is a good choice for seniors who don’t want to play new mobile games, but would like to use some apps and take quality photos.

It’s also lightweight and small which means it fits comfortably in your hand. Senior citizens, who may have arthritis or find it difficult to hold phones for long amounts of time, will likely get along well with the iPhone SE. 

The iPhone SE supports Touch ID too, which lets you connect your payment information to your iPhone and pay by touching your finger to the fingerprint sensor. For seniors who often forget their wallets and purses at home, this is a great tool.

How Much Does the iPhone SE Cost?

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Google Pixel 2XL

Pixel 2XL front and back view in black and white design.


Whilst you may not automatically think of Google phones when considering a smartphone, Google have an outstanding range of phones that cover all the bases – from easy use to excellent camera facilities, the Google phones have you covered all round. The whole range is great, but the Pixel 2XL is our favorite for seniors. The large screen teamed with loud speakers are easy to read and listen to, and Google offer many added features which make using this phone easy for anyone. 

Why the Google Pixel 2XL is One of the Best Phones for Seniors..

The 6inch Amoled Display offers a clear viewing experience which is again good if bad eyesight is a factor. The edge to edge screen is easy to read, with adjustable features meaning you can make the font bigger if necessary. The smooth and light design is also comfortable to hold, as well as dust and water resistant in water up to 1m, so there is peace of mind from accidents happening. 

The Pixel 2XL also benefits from Active Edge and Google Assistant. Seniors may find it long winded and difficult to log in and access the internet or set reminders, and with Google Assist all that is required is to squeeze the phone and give a voice command. This gives ease when replying to messages and setting reminders.

The camera quality is fantastic in 12.2MP on the rear and 8MP on the front, and the camera is easy to access and to use. Whilst seniors may want to capture photos but may not want to mess around with camera features and settings, the Pixel 2XL makes it easy to take brilliant photos as it does all the work for you. 

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Huawei P20 Pro 

Front and back view of Huawei P20 Pro in the colour black

Similarly to Google Pixel phones, Huawei phones may not be familiar to many seniors. But they are impressive phones that pack a punch and offer so many useful features and benefits that seniors will enjoy. 

Why the Huawei P20 Pro is One of the Best Phones for Seniors..

Some seniors may find it difficult to remember a login password, or have shaky hands that find it hard to input passwords into phones. The facial recognition feature makes it easy to access the phone and also protects against privacy, which some seniors may worry about. 

The 6.1 inch OLED Display is vast and offers seamless viewing in great colours, and in Huawei’s thinner design it is pleasant to hold and watch. For poor hearing, there is also loud and wide sound stereo style speakers that offer clear sound quality. 

The 4000mAh battery lasts for days, and for someone that may not think to charge their phone regularly is it spot on. Many seniors may not think to close apps and maximize their battery, so a strong battery is essential. This is also wonderful for when the grandchildren want to watch videos and play games without the battery taking a serious hit. 

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What Should You Look for When Buying a Smartphone for Seniors?

Senior male taking a landscape photo on a smart phone.

We’ve chosen what we feel are the five best smartphones for seniors. However, if there are other phones on The Big Phone Store that you think you, or the senior in your life would like, then there are a few things to think about.

Does the Phone Have a Large Screen?

A study by the College of Optometrists revealed that 74% of people in the UK wear corrective eyewear or have had laser eye surgery. It’s not just a popular belief that seniors are more likely to have poor eyesight as 100% of people aged between 60 and 74 years old wear glasses, contacts or some other corrective eyewear.

That’s why it’s so important that any smartphone you buy for seniors has a large screen. Large screens are good for watching videos, films, and TV shows, as well as allowing the smartphone user to read text more easily, so look for the screen size before you buy. Most smartphones also let users magnify the text, have it read out to them, or make the font bigger.

Does the Phone Have a Loud Volume?

An article by Age UK reveals that more than 40% of people over the age of 50 have “some form of hearing loss.” There’s no shame in it, but it does mean that a smartphone user over the age of 50 may need a bit of additional help to get the most entertainment from their phone.

Loud phones on smartphones aren’t hard to come by as they become more popular with seniors and music fans. Some features you’ll want to look for, though, are loudspeakers for when the user is on the phone and active noise cancellation which will help get rid of background noise when you have headphones connected.

Is the Phone Durable?

For the older population, falls and accidents happen quite often. This can lead to items being broken or damaged and in need of repair.

So when choosing a smartphone for a senior, take a look at how durable the device is. Smartphone displays made with Corning Gorilla Glass are typically quite strong, while dust and waterproofing or resistance are also good if the senior in your life has been known to forget about things left in pockets before putting them in the washing machine.

Does the Phone Have a Big Battery?

The size of the smartphone’s battery is important for most smartphone owners but for seniors, who may forget to put their device on charge every night, this will be more important. 

There are a few different battery life metrics to look at. The first is the phone’s standby time or the time when it is not in use. You can also look at the phone’s talk time which is its battery life when it’s being used for phone calls, and there’s a music play battery life too. 

Another cool, but not necessary, feature to have with a smartphone battery is wireless charging. As people get older, their hand-eye coordination may decline and this may make it difficult for a senior to untangle and plug-in their phone’s charging wire. A phone that has the Qi wireless charging standard can be placed on top of a wireless charger that has been plugged in, so they won’t have to plug a wire right into the phone’s charging port.

Does the Phone Have Medical Applications?

Seniors don’t necessarily need phones with medical apps, but they are cool to have. 

Apps like Samsung Health can track the user’s sleep patterns, their heart rate, and more. You can then show this information to medical professionals, or, some apps let you send it right to them.

These apps can help people who forget to track this information or would like to go to the doctors with data to help explain the issue to a medical professional.

Use the features in this article to help find the best smartphone for the senior in your life. Whether that’s you, or a friend or relative, you’ll now be able to go looking for a new device.