Looking to purchase a phone for yourself or a significant other this Christmas? Check out part one of the best phones to buy this Christmas.

Christmas time is upon us and this year especially has been a massive year for the mobile phone industry. This could easily tempt consumers to purchase the top of the line phones like the iPhone X for £999 minimum, that alone is one big Christmas present!

What if we could create a list that combines the best of both worlds, a list that features high-end smartphones with cheap alternatives? Well, we have.

This list features phones for all of the different audiences featuring people who are not really tech savvy to your teenage child who knows more about it than you do! This is also not a list just including all of this years flagship devices as not everyone wants/needs a flagship device. Take a look below to see our unbiased list of the best phones to buy this Christmas.

Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+

Best phones to buy this Christmas Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has won the best phone of the year award, there’s no wonder really. As soon as you look and touch the device it screams luxury and beautiful design. The S8 features a screen that covers nearly all of the device and is IP68 rated! The camera on the S8 is one of the best cameras around on a smartphone right now, which makes it even better. The S8 also features an earphone jack and 64GB of storage (expandable). The price of the S8 has dropped significantly with more price slashes due to come, the device is now at a very attractive price point compared to other devices in the price area, you can get the S8 for as little as £519.99! Considering that this is a phone built this year with top of the line specs, this is a bargain.

The S8 is perfect for that tech-savvy teenager or for someone who wants one of (if not) the best phones on the market without spending nearly £1000!

Get the Samsung Galaxy S8 for £519.99 

iPhone SE

Best phones to buy this Christmas iPhone SE

The iPhone SE is a brilliant small phone. The SE maybe three years old but it can boast the same internals as the iPhone 6S and is updatable to iOS11! The iPhone SE is a small phone, measuring 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm. The iPhone SE was made for people who don’t want massive and fancy screens and want to be able to use this one handed, this is perfect for those kinds of people. The iPhone SE is also very cheap for what it offers, you have access to iOS 11 for only £219! The design is the exact same as the iPhone 5S, which is a nice, clean design. For the price you will be paying for this phone makes it a no-brainer, it can also keep up with the latest handsets with maybe a bit of stutter here and there.

The iPhone SE is great for someone younger or someone who does not want a massive slab phone, it’s also a great cheap phone if you don’t want to spend £300+

Get the iPhone SE for £219 

Google Pixel XL

Best phones to buy this Christmas Google Pixel XL

The Google Pixel XL is Google’s first attempt at creating its own smartphone (excluding Nexus’) While the design is like marmite, the phone itself is incredible. It features one of the best software experience on a device out there, with its near stock android. This is due to Google being the creators of Android, this does give advantages though, being first in line for updates, a seamlessly quick experience and pure android is fantastic. The Google Pixel XL was more renown for its camera, it features one of the best smartphone cameras out there, it’s over a year old! It also features Google Assistant built in, but at its best. The phone is not water resistant and has no wireless charging so that is a point to think about. You can pick up the Google Pixel XL for £520

The Google Pixel XL will be fantastic for someone who loves taking photos all the time or someone who just wants a quick software experience! It’s also great for people who do not want to follow the trends.

Get the Google Pixel XL for £520

This is part one of best phones to buy this Christmas! Keep checking back for part two!