Does your phone battery barely manage to last the day?

If your battery is hardly lasting a full days usage, you should get a battery saving app, why not get one of the best battery saving apps.

There are many ways to stop your battery life from draining (Read that article here) but getting an app for your phone could be the simple fix you need. We have compiled a list of the 3 best battery saving apps on Android (In our opinion).

Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor is one of the most used battery saving apps on the Google Play Store right now. It is a free app with a ton of features including a battery monitor and energy saving. Battery Doctor helps show you the problems that cause your battery to drain and help resolve these problems quickly but most importantly, easily. The app also allows you to schedule times when you don’t necessarily use your device allowing the app to close certain aspects that drain your phone, for example, it can automatically go into airplane mode when you go to sleep. This is definitely one of (if not) the best on the app store to date. We would recommend!

DU Battery Saver

DU apps studio is a very well-known and respected app development team. You can definitely see why on this app. The main eye catching feature is a Phone Cooler ability which helps cool down your phone which both stops battery drain and protects your hardware! The app also contains the Smart Charge feature which monitors the way your phone is charging, this is so it can tell you if there is something not right about the performance of the charge and helps protect against this. It also shows you how long is remaining on your charge which is very accurate. This is a great app with a lot of useful features. It’s also free which is a bonus!

360 Battery

360 Battery Saver is an app that is very eye catching and easy to use. When you first open the app and start to use it, you see straight away how easy and clean the actual app is. The 360 Battery Saver app offers respectable features including One-Tap Optimizer. One-Tap Optimizer accurately detects and repairs problems with your battery life/battery draining. It also optimizes your device comprehensively which is brilliant to stop long term problems. The only major problem with this app is the in-app adverts, while it is free, the ads can be a bit too much at times, especially when you have just set up a feature. Other than that, this app is really good for optimizing your phone for the long run!

There you have it, three of the best apps on the Google App Store, need more tips on stopping your battery from draining. Look here!