Do you own a Samsung Gear VR headset?

We have compiled a list of 5 of the Best Apps/Games for the Samsung Gear VR.

1.Netflix VR – Free if you have a Netflix account

Netflix VR offers you the chance to watch your favourite movies & shows in a luxurious virtual room which looks amazing. It’s a nice to feel like you are there watching it in your virtual theatre room, while it may not offer the full 360-degree experience, you get a virtual experience which feels amazing.

2.Oculus arcade – Free with limited features

The Oculus arcade app rolls back the years as it drops you into a virtual arcade where you can play such classics as Pac-Man to Sonic the hedgehog. You will need a game controller to play, however, but they can be quite cheap to buy. The free version allows you to try and test the games for free, but you will have to pay for unlimited games.

3.Unimersiv – £7.99

Do you love monuments and sightseeing, this app is perfect for the adventurous types or even kids wanting to learn. Unimersiv allows you to explore Ancient Rome using VR, and it allows you to visit places such as The Colosseum and The Palatine Hill. It feels like you’re there and can explore with full 360-degree views. There are also different worlds you can explore such as dinosaurs and space!

 4.GunJack – £7.99

GunJack is a thrilling shooter which based in space, you control a turret and have to destroy alien hordes. You can play it without a controller, but it is advisable. There is no free demo either, but the game will keep you occupied for hours.

5.Drop Dead – £7.99

This one is for all the Zombies fans out there, Drop Dead is an exciting but tense first-person shooter.  The aim is to stop the evil bad guy and destroy hordes of Zombies, the storyline and the graphics are great, giving you that level of immersion you desire!

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There are much more great apps and games you can purchase for your Gear VR, but these are our picks, what’s your favourite? Let us know