Here are some of the best apps available to keep your children safe online.

Balancing a child’s safety online and their freedom is a hard decision. Knowing what is available is a great place to start, and we have compiled a list of the best children’s safety apps that are available.

mobile guardian
Mobile Guardian (available on Apple, Android )

Mobile guardian is a well-known app that allows parents to keep an eye on their kids phones. The main features of Mobile Guardian are:


  • Removing the ability to text while driving
  • Time limits for the use of the device
  • Locate and track the device
  • View and block contacts
  • Receive web browsing reports
  • Capacity to get an email if the phone turns off or goes out of reach
  • Can get a free trial


  • You have to enquire for a fixed price
  • Have to sign up for free trial
  • Free trial is limited to 14 days


Screen Time (Available on Android and Apple)

Screen Time is a perfect app for having a good level of control on your children’s smartphones. The main features of Screen Time are:


  • Time limits for the use of the device
  • Setting a time limit for apps until a parent enters a password
  • Parents can add additional screen time as a treat/reward
  • Receive reports on usage and app purchases
  • Parents can pause their children’s devices from their phone!
  • Free version available
  • Very cheap at only £2.99 per month


  • Free version only allows for one device
  • Free version only allows three features


 Qustodio (Available on Apple, Android)

Qustodio is another great app to keep children safe online. The main features of Qustodio are:


  • Time limits for the use of the device
  • Monitoring social media usage which includes Advanced Facebook monitoring which alerts you to status updates, relationship status updates and upload of pictures
  • Device location tracking
  • Block specific games and apps
  • Apps, search and web usage monitoring.
  • Function for your child to send an instant SOS message to your phone, notifying you instantly if they are in trouble!


  • The free version does not give you full access to all features
  • Cheapest option covers 5five phones for £35.95
  • iOS gets new features and updates first


 MMGuardian (Available on Android and Apple)

MMGuardian is a very well known protection app on Android, and it has more features than its rivals including features for protecting older children and keeping children safe online, it is also known to be the best app out there for this sector.


  • Being able to monitor your kid’s phone from your phone with a live feed
  • Remote device locking and unlocking,
  • Time limits for the use of the device
  • Setting a time limit for apps until a parent enters a password
  • Location tracking on demand or at specific times
  • Text and calls monitoring
  • Keyword alerts like swearing or inappropriate words
  • Web filters
  • Prevents the phone from working when it is moving more than 10mph (prevent phone usage during driving)
  • Free trial


  • iPhone app is £2 less than Android cost
  • iOS gets features before Android
  • Tablets do not get all features such as location tracking

These are the best well known parental apps to keep kids safe online that we tested. If I had to pick a favourite, then I would pick MMGuardian due to how easy to use the app is, and it’s extensive features, not to mention how easy set up was!

Do you have an app you use? Let us know in the comments below.