Looking to smash your New Years resolutions? Check out our list of the best apps for fitness to help you get on your way to getting fitter and healthier!

Everyone is different in how motivated they are or how active they are/plan to become, so not every app is perfect for everyone. The apps on this list will cover different fitness levels, and some will be paid apps (no pain no gain). Instead of having to download 100’s of fitness apps hopefully we have narrowed down the best apps for fitness on the market today, making it easier for you to choose from.

Good Luck!

Nike+ Training Club – iOS / Android

best apps for fitness - Nike training club

Nike+ Training club offers over 160 free workouts for you to try! It has sport specific training as well, from yoga to boxing. The app will start to get to grips with how you train and offer you insights and tips to improve, and it will also provide you flexible training plans based on your progress. One of my favourite features is that you can have a celebrity/athlete ‘motivate’ you with their training plans, it features athletes such as Michael B. Jordan and Cristiano Ronaldo, it also features celebrities such as Kevin Hart and Ellie Goulding if you want to have a bit more fun.

This app is free and great for getting into shape! One of the best apps for fitness on the app stores now.

Lose It! – iOS / Android

best apps for fitness - Lose It!

Looking to go on a diet? This is the perfect app for you. Lose It is an easy to use dieting app that allows you to track anything you eat while setting goals to achieve. Setting goals is a crucial feature for any dieting as it will give you that motivation to continue! The app allows you to scan barcodes to see a break down in calories of a particular product and it also allows you to see other peoples recipes just in case you’re no Jamie Oliver. Furthermore, you can link your account to other workout devices and wireless scales to further track your progress.

Perfect free app for dieting.

Seven – 7 Minute Workout Training Challenge – Android / iOS

best apps for fitness - Seven

Stuck for time? This is where Seven is perfect for you. Seven raises the challenge of doing 7-minute workouts daily for 7 months with your goal in mind. The app will tailor a regime perfect for your end goal. The app also allows you to do workouts without ever needing to get extra equipment or having to leave the house within a 7-minute time frame. The main positive for this app is that it has its own reward system that you can ‘level’ up every time you complete your daily 7-minute workout.

Seven will be worth it to you if you have a rigid timescale.

Daily Yoga – iOS / Android

best apps for fitness - Seven

Daily Yoga is a free app that shows you alternative ways to stay fit by showing and teaching you yoga. The app features High Definition videos of tutorials to help you get started on your way to becoming a yoga master. The routines that the app offers are all under the 30-minute mark so you will not need to spend too much of your time doing this! The app is also great if you are a runner or jogger and feel sore/stiff a lot as this app offers moves that will help combat it. With over 50 classes available this is a brilliant app to start doing yoga.

Channel your inner-yoga

Cyclemeter – iOS / Android

best apps for fitness - Cyclemeter

The Cyclemeter app is a must-have for cyclists. The app is known for being the best app for tracking your cycling. The app is very accurate with its metrics so you can keep and record your data with a full sense of confidence. Cyclemeter monitors your speeds and shows you your average and your quickest speeds. This can be used by all fitness enthusiasts but remember that the app does have a calorie burned meter so you can watch your progress. The best app definitely for getting data from your cycling.

Cyclists dream.

Couch to 5k – iOS / Android

Designed to get you off the couch Couch to 5K is a fitness app that takes you from being out of shape to running 5km in just nine weeks. It starts with a mix of running and walking to build up your fitness and stamina gradually, Week 9, of course, has your running 5k, you can even progress further if you wish, half a marathon! Track your run using GPS, to give you stats and help you monitor your ongoing progress. Calories and a map of your route are recorded. Play music using your favourite music app or streaming service. It even works with your preferred heart rate monitor.

Beginners will love this.

This was our best apps for fitness list. Do you have a fitness/health app that you swear by? Let us know in the comments!

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