We all want to be more productive, we have put together a list of 5 apps that boost productivity!


apps that boost productivity todoist image

Todoist – Available on Apple,  Android, Windows.

Todoist is a top-rated productivity app that allows you to use it with or without an internet connection. It has an extensive list of features that other apps just can’t offer.


  • Available in a broad range of platforms
  • Premium is cheap
  • Interface is simple but clean
  • Task clarification is good with a lot of tools
  • Location-based reminders
  • Can be used without the internet
  • Collaboration is supported
  • Productivity charts
  • Sub-tasks/projects
  • Demographics available
  • Data synchronisation is great


  • Free version is limited
  • Project management is a bit lacklustre
  • Reports of poor performance on Windows 10

FocusList apps that boost productivity focuslist image

FocusList – Available on Apple

FocusList is an app that allows you to keep track of your time and set timers for getting tasks done. It helps you use the Pomodoro technique to great effect.


  • Daily planning
  • Compatible with your Apple Watch
  • Helps stop distractions
  • Plan your day thoroughly
  • See your stats from previous days
  • Add sounds such as ticking


  • The app isn’t free
  • Quite basic for a paid app
  • Not available on Android

Scanbotapps that boost productivity scanbot

Scanbot – Available on Android and Apple

Scanbot is one of (if not) the best document to PDF scanners, the app allows you to scan paper documents with your device and convert it to a PDF on your device. There is a free and paid version.


  • You can scan anything
  • Scanning QR codes is nifty
  • Automatically uploads to your cloud
  • You can share instantly
  • It can send the scanned document as a fax
  • High-speed performance


  • The paid version is better
  • Can take a while to focus
  • Your camera needs to be decent

Forest: Stay Focusedapps that boost productivity forest image

Forest: Stay Focused – Available on Android, Apple and Chrome

Forest: Stay Focused is like focuslist but a lot friendlier, Forest stops you from being tempted to use your phone. It gives you an interesting task, you plant a seed for a tree, and you can see it grow as time progresses, however, if you leave the app the tree dies. It gives you a sense of achievement and works!


  • Great design
  • Interesting concept
  • Sense of achievement
  • Share with friends and compete
  • Track your history
  • App whitelist


  • Recent app can cause it to crash
  • Adverts
  • There can be a lot of glitches

Evernoteapps that boost productivity evernote

Evernote – Available on Apple and Android and pretty much everything else!

Everyone has heard of Evernote, Evernote is a straightforward app that allows you to take notes and compile screenshots etc. all into work folders. You can share this with other people or permit them to see it live.


  • Easy to create notes
  • Save articles quickly
  • Organisation is good and easy
  • Interface is sleek
  • The free version is not that restricted!
  • Good for sharing ideas with colleagues
  • Plan your day


  • Difficult to use at first
  • On the free version, notes have to be under 25MB
  • The two paid services are expensive for the little more they offer (Plus £2.50/mo & Premium £3.75/mo)
  • A lot of updates occur
  • Clip tool has lost functionality


We hope you enjoy our choices of productivity apps, let us know if we missed one of your favourites!

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