Time to pack your bags and get to Uni!

Leaving for University for your first time can be daunting, let us help you with a few tips on the best apps to help that transition just a little smoother, and make life that little easier.

App for lectures

apps for university lectures

Lectures can be a tricky part of University, and normally you would have to type like crazy or scribble down notes to keep up and get all of the information you need! Many apps can help you capture a lot more from your lecture without having to break your back doing so.

SoundNote is a top-rated app for iOS which allows you to record the lecture which also records the audio for you, just in case you weren’t listening. SoundNote also allows you to collect notes, drawings and recordings which gives you a lot more freedom to jot down certain notes you don’t think you will understand at a later date, and you can convert your notes into a Word file, PDF or a powerpoint file! The app costs £5, but it will be worth it!

Evernote (free) this is a best in class note taker, and accessible on both iOS and Android. One of its best features is the app’s ability to sync the notes you have taken across all your devices. Meaning you can access them anywhere!

If you’re looking another free alternative then Office Lens is for you, it allows you also to take pictures and convert them into a PDF, Word doc or a Powerpoint presentation!

App to help you study
apps for university studying

Optimising your revision time can be difficult when you’re juggling your lectures, and social time, GoConqr aims to fix this!  GoConqr offers a broad range of different exam revision styles including flashcards, mind maps and flow charts. You can also create or find quizzes on the app to have a more fun and engaging way to revise! It also features a study planner which will help you be more organised when planning revision while reminding you if you need to revise. Definitely one of (if not) the best apps for helping with revision studies and organisation to help you pass your course! GoConqr is also available on your Computer, Android phone/tablet and your Apple device!

App for organisation

apps for university organisation

We all suffer from forgetting about a particular part of work or being late to a lecture, why not get an app that could help? Timetable for Android devices is a perfect example of a simple yet clean organiser. It is a very clean interface. Setting reminders is useful as well as it will notify you if you forget! It also auto mutes your phone when you head into a lesson which can be a real lifesaver. Unfortunately this is not available on iOS, but there happens to be an app the called Class Timetable specifically for iOS.

Personal safety app

apps for university safety

Leaving for University can be a scary task, no longer will you be with your parents/guardians. It’s best to get an app for safety because it will help you with your personal safety on University grounds or when you go out.

bSafe is a very well known app which gives you multiple features to help keep you safe or diminish that paranoia. The app features what it calls ‘guardians’ which is a network you set up of trusted people who can track your location (much like Ubers system) to see where you are. There is also an emergency button you can press where it sends all of your network your location and records audio and video, this is great if you get into a scary situation but you also can request someone in your network to walk your home and check in at the chosen location. You can also get a fake call from a contact of your choice if you want to get out of an awkward encounter which we all have needed at some point. This is probably your parents/guardians best friend! bSafe is free and available on both Android and Apple products.

App for cooking

apps for university cooking

Hopeless at cooking? No need to stick with the pot noodles.

BigOven is a great app for learning new and simple recipes, it has over 350,000 recipes waiting for you to try. The app allows you to look for certain recipes with ingredients and will notify you if it is hard to make or simple, you can use these recipes to create a shopping list within the app. It also includes a weekly organiser which will help you stay on track with eating healthy or getting the right meals. You can also share what recipes you are following with your friends and see what they are cooking, or just follow your favourite blogger/vlogger and see what they are cooking. No more pot noodles for you! The app is available on Android and Apple devices.

There you have it, an app for each of the most important factors of going to university. Did we miss any of your favourites? Let us know in the comments below.

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