Having the Apple Watch won’t connect to iPhone issue? Here’s how to fix it

This issue normally occurs when you turn off your Apple Watch and turn it back on, sometimes it can even be turning on Airplane mode or disconnecting from data usage. The issue will make it impossible to connect your iPhone to your Apple Watch, showing the No iPhone error prompt. This is especially annoying when you really need to use it or if you use it an awful lot.

The Apple Watch won’t connect to iPhone issue is easily fixed though, it can be done in under five minutes! Just follow the steps below and it should fix any issue you are having with your Apple Watch and iPhone connection.

Solution 1 – Check Airplane mode is turned off

This one may sound a little daft but check that Airplane mode is off on both devices. You can check this by looking at the control centre (swipe up from the bottom or swipe down from top right on iPhone X).

Solution 2 – Restart your watch & phone

Restarting your Apple Watch and phone reboots the respective systems and can get rid of the issues that you are having, it clears all of the background cache that could (possibly) be having an effect.

To restart your watch, you need to hold down the side button until the Power Off slider appears, Swipe the prompt so it turns off the Watch, Turn it back on by holding the same side button you used to turn off the watch.

To restart your iPhone, just hold down the power button and then swipe to turn off, turn it back on in the same way. To turn off your iPhone X, you will need to hold down the lock button and a volume button and then follow the previous iPhone steps.

Solution 3 – Forget the Apple Watch on Bluetooth

Connecting to your Apple Watch through Bluetooth is the easiest and nearly only way to connect your iPhone and Apple Watch together. Bluetooth can have its issues though sometimes, disconnecting the connection can sometimes fix it but unpairing the devices and then re-connecting can fix your issues. Go onto the settings menu on your iPhone, go into Bluetooth and click the ‘i’ on the Apple Watch pairing and then press forget/disconnect.

If the solutions above do not work, you should take it to a local repair shop or speak to Apple directly regarding your connection issue. You may have a more serious problem, better to be safe than sorry!