Apple had insider knowledge that the iPhone 6 family could bend easily.






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The iPhone has been a revolutionary and one of the most popular phones in the world since it’s release but it has had its fair share of issues. The worst of the issues was ‘Bendgate’, the big iPhone 6 issue. ‘Bendgate’ is named after the massive issues that Apple were having with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the devices would bend and break with ease. News today however, points to Apple knowing about this issue and ignoring it.

The information was made public due to a court filing and it says, Apple found that the iPhone 6 was over 3 times more likely to bend than the previous iPhone model (iPhone 5S). The iPhone 6 Plus was 7 times more likely to bend than the iPhone 5S, even though this information we knew to Apple, they continued to say there were no engineering issues or worries.

As a consumer and iPhone user, this does does annoy you, especially if your iPhone 6 did bend and you had to pay for the repair and got the finger pointed at you.

That wasn’t all

Touch disease was another big problem for Apple, it was first reported in 2016, it essentially made your iPhones touchscreen only work intermittently (not consistently working) and this was caused by the iPhone bending. The biggest cause was of the iPhone 6 Plus bending in peoples pockets, Apple tried to pin the blame on people saying it could only happen if you dropped the phone multiple times.

Apple did offer a discount for repairs after they were forced to realised it was mostly their fault for the issues.

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