Android P will be using iPhone X-like gestures






Android P gestures

Android P is shaping up to be a massive update for the Android operating system, Google is taking on the iPhone X with a new gesture based navigation system. While it’s not hard to see why people will claim they are copying Apple, this is a great step for Android and is the most intuitive way to use a mobile phone to this date. 

This new gesture based system has been touted for a long time with rumours flying around for the last year, it is now official though and can be used in the beta. Google is now getting rid of the iconic three button system that has been on devices from around 2011.  As you can see on the image above, the new system features a pill shaped button and will feature a little back button.


How does it work?

The new Android P gesture system may take a while to get the hang of but it is very simple and easy to use. To go home, just press the home button and to summon Google assistant, you will need to hold down the home button, just as usual. The back button will still feature, allowing you to go back easy, the biggest change is the multitasking aspect of the system. To access multitasking, you will need to do a short drag up (around 40% up from the bottom of the screen), this will bring up a re-designed list of your recent apps with access to the Google search bar. The new scrolling cards  are amazing, you can copy text from a page without even having to go into it! 

A longer swipe up will bring up the app drawer, as usual but another big change is the scrolling between open apps. You now have to hold down the home button pill and drag it from side to side, it does feel really nice to do and very sharp. It is very similar to the iPhone X but it adds its own Android twist on it. 

Is it a welcome change?

To me personally, yes it is. The iPhone X gestures interface took consumers by storm, it just feels more natural and it does look cool when you do it. I converted from Android to iPhone just based on this intuitive and fluid system and I love it more daily. I’m glad that Android has added this function into their operating system as the core functionality hasn’t been changed since 2011. While it will take a while to get used to, this will become an easier to use, easy to love system that will help make Android even better than it already is. 

What’s your opinion on the new gesture based interface? Comment below and let us know.