Android 9 Pie is the new Android update.

Android 9 Pie

After many months of waiting to find out what the name of this year’s Android update would be, it has finally been announced. Google announced that the final version of Android 9 Pie is now available for all Google Pixel phones to download and install.

The main features of Android 9 Pie are the ‘digital wellbeing’ dashboard and the new (iPhone X like) gesture-based navigation system. It also touts minor design changes and AI enhancements to the software, making it faster and better to use. The update also brings support for notches, the new status bar has been created to be friendly with notches, no matter the size.

Not all the features will be ready for the main launch though, the digital wellbeing dashboard and many of its features (wind down settings and time spend on an app reports) and ‘slices’ (in-app controls into search) will be missing. It will be available on Pixels in beta form though, so if you are a pixel user with the Android 9 Pie update, you can download the beta here – Digital wellbeing beta

Android 9 Pie digital wellbeing

The Android 9 Pie update will be arriving in other Android devices later this year, the manufacturers who joined the beta program and have Android One devices probably will be first to get the update rolled out. Google is working hard to work with other OEM’s to get the update out as soon as possible. However, it is predicted that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will come shipped with Android 9 Pie with other devices getting it next year.

Pixel phone users should receive the update today as an over-the-air update. To learn more about the update, see the official website with all of the new additions here – Android Pie Update

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