Good news, if you’re on team Alexa.






Amazon Alexa

The AI/Assistant market has been increasing at a massive rate, a lot of people regularly use a voice assistant. Most people will have decided which voice assistant is right for them and make them their favourite, be it Google, Alexa or Cortana. This can be seen as an issue on mobile phones, as it is nearly always pre-determined for you.  

Android users can now rejoice as it is now possible for you to set Amazon Alexa as your default voice assistant, allowing you to use it by holding down the home button. The process for this change is different on every device but every process starts with downloading the Alexa app off of the Play Store.

Alexa App

Download the Amazon Alexa app here

To it set up as your default voice assistant, follow the steps below:

  • Go to your Phone Settings
  • Tap onto Apps & Notifications
  • Tap Advanced
  • Tap Assist App

The set up is simple but is hidden away (no surprise there), it is not on every device just yet but is on the newer devices. You will also see that you can switch off having a voice assistant, if you don’t use it and get sick of accidentally summoning it, turn it off. 

The functionality isn’t great…

The functionality of the Alexa voice assistant on Android isn’t great yet, for example, you cannot summon the voice assistant using only your voice. You can only summon Alexa through holding the home button down on your phone, which does take out the best parts of having a voice assistant. You won’t be able to issue commands through voice without summoning using the home button. This means you will not be able to hands-free command.

The functionality apart from that is as expected, it is quick and clever, the above can be seen as a small sacrifice if you do not use those functions all of the time. You can use the voice assistant to make Google searches, send messages, set alarms and even make appointments.

If Alexa is your favourite voice assistant, have fun making it your default voice assistant.