Do you use AI.type on your Android phone? You may want to read this.

AI.type is a very well known and popular third-party keyboard on Android. It is also one of the biggest third-party keyboard apps that you can find.

Today it was made known that 31 million Android users have had their personal information leaked! The bit what baffles us is the next part…

Despite having over 580GB of user data on their servers, the server was not protected with any sort of password, why there wasn’t even a password is beyond us. The server is run by the Co0Founder Eitan Fitusi and while they did try and secure the server,  they did too little too late. According to ZDNet, the data that has been leaked includes the following:

  • Full names
  • Email Addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • Mobile Providers
  • IP Address
  • ISP Name
  • Google Accounts information
  • City and Country
  • IMEI numbers
  • Make and model of your phone

People who used the app but did not pay and used the free version have come off worse as it appears more data was collected on the free version that on the paid. This is due to their privacy policy as it needs to make more money through personalised ads. Worryingly, text entered on the app is recorded and stored for an undisclosed duration. This can include, emails, passwords and sensitive data.

If you do/did use AI.type, you should be worried and get in contact with the developers.

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