Being festive does not just apply to Christmas, Halloween has feelings too…

Halloween apps are a great free way to get yourself into the spooky spirit. Halloween is a special time of the year, you get to see kids enjoying their selves, people dressing up in whacky (sometimes funny) costumes and even the Halloween films are great!

Your mobile phone is one of your most personal belongings, these apps will be great for being festive or for your kids. The apps range from fun games to tutorials on having the best costume ever.

The Very Hungry Pumpkin


The Very Hungry Pumpkin+ is a very cute game where it focuses on the trick-or-treating side of Halloween. It’s a very simple game that an adult or children can enjoy, you have to collect as many sweets as you can without bumping into other trick-or-treaters. The game is very addicting so be warned.


Halloween apps

While this is not technically a Halloween app, Pinterest is perfect. Pinterest always has tonnes of smart, clever and easy DIY ideas for you to try. You can search for helpful suggestions and recommendations on how to dress or decorate. There are many more things you can find including recipes and festive games. Pin the ideas on to a board, organize them and plan ahead!

Make a Zombie

halloween apps

Make a Zombie is exactly what you think it is, you create your own personal zombie on your phone. There is a wide range of customization options, making it more personal and fun to use. You get to pick the background, the clothing, body, head and much more! It also allows you to print off your creation/s, perfect for scaring your friend or to keep a memory of them…


Feeling in the mood to watch some horror films in the dark? Netflix is definitely the place for you. While Netflix isn’t really a Halloween app, it features some of the best Halloween films and series, ready to watch at a click of a button. You don’t have to go out to enjoy the Halloween spirit, get a film on.

Ghost Busters – Slime City


A game fit for keeping you and your kids occupied. Ghost Busters Slime City is a free to play game on both Android and Apple. You play as the Ghost Busters, you have to beat the ghosts and demons before they overrun the town! This game is a great throwback but also a very addicting game.

Those are the 5 apps that will transform your Halloween, Pinterest is the pick of the bunch. Giving you ideas and insights into spooky themes can be essential for any party!

Let me know if you use any other apps.