Valentine’s Day is a lovely day but it can be stressful, especially if you’re single!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, whether you’re spending it alone or with someone, you can use these great apps to make the most of the special day. While many see it as a holiday for giving cards, it can be a reminder to stop and do something special for the one you love. The apps we have picked are great for giving you little reminders, giving you something to do on the big day and even for you single people out there!

It’s extremely tough if you’re single or had a hard time with relationships, especially with everyone on social media posting about it. If you’re single on the big day and need some help/something to do then this one is definitely for you…

TinderValentine's Tinder

Tinder is an app you can download on your phone to see other singles (or not) in your area. It has a very simple and easy to use structure: Swipe right to ‘like’ someone or Swipe left to pass. If you do find someone you like, you can swipe to the right and hope that they swipe back; if they do you can connect and talk. Only people that you have ‘Matched’ with can message you, don’t worry about spam or unwanted messages. If rejection is not your thing then don’t worry, it won’t tell you who does swipe you away. The great thing about Tinder is that it is people, who are nearby, though you can change the location area, it’s great to find someone nearby who needs a Valentine’s…


Valentine's Yelp


Getting a date for Valentine’s Day may seem like the hardest part, what about when you’re struggling to find a good restaurant? If you don’t want to risk that new restaurant around the corner then download Yelp. Yelp shows you real reviews of local restaurants and any other restaurant you search for. This will easily help you when you’re struggling to find anywhere nice! You can find a review on any kind of business really, even if you want to see your closest bowling alley reviews, they will be there! The app also features customer photos and menus so you can plan ahead of the clock! You can now make an intelligent decision before you get onto the date, that means less panicking and more time to get your hair ready.

Just EatValentine's Just Eat

Looking to stay in this Valentine’s Day, alone or with your partner, you will need food. Just Eat is the best app for ordering takeaways from local takeaways and more, anything you fancy, they will have. Who said that Valentine’s Day had to be a candlelit dinner when you can easily have it out of a pizza box. Put your favourite series or film on, get on the sofa and indulge in take away food! No need to move, it will get delivered to your doorstep, all you have to do is open the door. You also don’t need change as the app allows you to make payments before the food has been delivered, no need to scramble for change. If you can’t agree on a particular takeaway, order from multiple and have a feast!

NetflixValentine's Netflix

This one is pretty self-explanatory, Netflix has one of the biggest collections of films, series and its own content. There is nothing better for binge-watching love films or watching action films on the big day, combine it with Just Eat for a powerful combo for staying in. Netflix is most peoples go-to app for anything video related and is the world’s leading subscription service for watching TV Episodes and films. The app is not free though as you will need a subscription but they do offer a free trial. Netflix and chill, as they say, this Valentine’s day…

you have a favourite app for Valentine’s Day? 

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