Most people in the UK struggle to gain a consistent internet speed. With the cost being high and more devices entering our households, the problem increases.

Under the Universal Service Obligation (USO), the government has ruled that homes and businesses will have access to speeds of 10Mbps minimum in 2020. The ruling comes after the Government rejected a new proposal given to them by BT that would include delivering universal broadband through a voluntary agreement. The Government has decided that regulations will be better than deals. This comes after the news that the UK has one of the slowest broadband speeds in Europe (We’re 31st globally), while this isn’t so bad, it leads the Government to rethink our current progress on the internet due to how far ahead the others are.

Openreach offered to ensure that it would improve internet/broadband access to over 1.4 million rural homes. The government responded believing that the proposal was not strong enough to take regulatory Universal Service Obligation off the agenda.

In the statement, one of the main reasons was due to it providing “sufficient certainty and the legal enforceability that is required to ensure high-speed broadband access for the whole of the UK by 2020.”

The minimum speeds will be regulated legislatively across the UK, so not only will BT be providing a minimum of 10Mbps, millions of more homes will have access to faster broadband. In reality, 10Mbps is enough to watch an HD film on Netflix with very little or no buffering.

Fantastic news for People in more rural areas with less budget for fast speed internet, but will this be too little too late by 2020?

5G is fast approaching and should be available to the public before 2020,  meaning your phone will be light years quicker than 10Mbps in theory.

Read more about the Universal Service Obligation here

Credit – ITV

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